Tourist places in Frankfurt

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It is a German city, located in the west of Germany, specifically in the state of Hesse, and because it is the center of the most important companies and factories and the stock exchange, it became the economic capital of Germany, with a population of 691,518 people in 2011, characterized by high-rise buildings, and it is often called Mainhattan because it It is located on the Main River, and analogous to it in the American Manhattan neighborhood. It contains the tallest building in Europe, which is the commercial bank building, which is 258 meters high.

Tourist places in Frankfurt

Frankfurt cannot be considered as a tourist city, but many cultural and historical monuments in it and the clear diversity made it an attractive city for tourists from all over the world, and we will talk here about the most important tourist places in it:


  • Palmingarten Garden: This garden is one of the largest public parks in Frankfurt, and has an area of ​​approximately 50 acres, which includes many seasonal flower gardens, and many tropical plants such as desert plants and forest plants, and this garden contains a large group of greenhouses that contain a large number of flowers and plants, as well as It is considered one of the most important gardens in the world because it contains many rare plants in the world.
  • Gatherberg Park: One of the largest public parks in Frankfurt, where many summer activities are active, such as roller-skating, swimming, water games, and children’s games, and it can be considered a suitable place for a family picnic as it stretches over a vast and open space.
  • Gronberg Park: This park is located in West and Frankfurt, and has an area of ​​29 hectares, where ancient German thinkers such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and German thinker Bettina von Arnhem met, and over time it turned into a popular recreational place, and this garden contains a beautiful botanical garden.
  • Rebstock Park: This park is located to the west of Frankfurt, and it is characterized by large numbers of families from its families in the evening. It has a covered swimming pool and a group of children’s games, which makes it a suitable destination for many families, especially those that include children.


  • German Film Museum: In order to ensure the history of films, and as an expression of the importance of the history of films in Germany, the Frankfurt City Council created this museum, presenting several films with an account of its history and everything related to it through several screens. This museum was opened in 1993.
  • German Museum of Architecture: This museum is interested in everything related to architecture and architectural matters, as well as displays many architectural works in the city of Frankfurt, and this museum displays a large number of ancient manuscripts, which number 200,000 manuscripts, in addition to displaying many architectural designs.
  • Communications Museum: It is a museum that displays all matters related to global communications, its history, and its origins, knowing that this museum teaches communication science, and in this way it can be considered an important academic milestone as well as being a tourist landmark, and this museum also displays many ancient and modern means of communication such as Telefax, telegraph and writing machine.
  • Museum of World Cultures: It is a museum that cares about the dialogues of peoples, this museum offers many offers to be answers to many questions related to human existence, and many workshops, cultural events and seminars are held in the museum. The museum includes a library containing more than 40,000 books.

Religious monuments

  • Santhartholomeu Cathedral: It is the largest Gothic cathedral in Frankfurt, with a height of 96 meters. It was established in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, where the kings of the Roman Empire and the emperors of Germany were crowned in this cathedral. It was subjected to a fire in 1867 that caused its destruction, but was later rebuilt, It was not spared the effects of World War II, as it was badly damaged but was rebuilt again in 1950.
  • Church of the Cross: It is one of the most prominent features of architecture during the era of the ancient Roman Church. It was built in 1929, and it was also damaged by the Second World War, but it was rebuilt later.
  • Saint Catherine Church: It is considered the largest Lutheran church in the city of Frankfurt, as it was built as an outpost of St. Catherine.

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