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What are the best places in Istanbul for families? What are the most important natural areas that you must visit with your family for a special and enjoyable trip?
Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations suitable for families, and it has a wonderful weather and a picturesque nature and has various places that are ideal for the Arab family accompanied by young children. We will get to know all the details in this article on Arab Arab travelers.

Tourist places in Istanbul Families:

Below we show you the best tourist destinations for families in Istanbul, specifically to make your trip endlessly pleasant.

Izmir Wildlife Park:

  • It is one of the most beautiful zoos in the country, and suitable for everyone.
  • The zoo contains over thousands of famous wild animals, which your family will definitely love and want to take souvenir photos with them. You will find animals moving freely in front of you, which will provide an opportunity for your children to feed rabbits, chickens, domestic cats, dogs or horses in an unforgettable way.
  • It is one of the most important nature reserves in Istanbul and it provides many recreational activities for children, in addition to souvenir shops and a dining restaurant after a perfect tour of the reserve.

Miniaturk Miniature City:

  • It is one of the best tourist destinations for families, especially if they do not have enough time to go everywhere in Istanbul.
  • The place is a park with a miniature version of Istanbul and its most famous tourist attraction.
  • The place is very popular with adults and kids and is very suitable for making pleasant family trips.
  • You will be able to see various sights of Turkey from Ataturk International Airport, Celsus Library, Hagia Sophia Mosque and other great places. Also, the magnetic card will contribute to enriching your knowledge about the garden and its history in your language, as it is passed on to every tourist landmark in the park in your language, which will increase your knowledge.

Princes’ Islands:

  • One of the places that are very popular for family tourism in the country, where many prefer and come to visit from all over the world. What makes it distinct from anywhere else is that it is car-free.
  • You can rent bikes, take an exploratory tour around the place, and visit any island that you can enter on, as it has good air and a pleasant atmosphere.
  • We recommend visiting the Princes Islands in the summer or spring season to enjoy an unforgettable atmosphere amidst green gardens and fresh air. You will definitely make the best memories in the Princes’ Islands.

Torium Mall where the ice is great:

  • Torim Mall is located in the middle of Istanbul, and you will need about an hour to reach it if the roads are congested.
  • It is one of the largest malls in Istanbul, which receives a large number of tourists and locals every day, and it includes a huge number of international shops.
  • What makes the mall suitable for families in addition to the shops, the recreational activities that it provides, where it can be said that 30 percent of the mall’s services are leisure activities and events.
  • The mall has 3,500 square meters of skiing and snowboarding which will add a lot of fun to your trip.
  • If you are bored of shopping and buying widgets, you can watch theater shows or watch movies in modern cinema halls. There is also a theme park for young children.
  • Many events are held periodically, which will make you more fun and enjoyable during your visit to the mall, including music concerts, huge festivals, and big discounts.

Via Land:

  • It is one of the most famous amusement parks in Istanbul, and it is not only about games, as the place includes places to shop and buy widgets and amazing art galleries.
  • There are many great activities that make Via Land a complete and integrated place, which is why it has ranked among the top five entertainment parks in all of Europe, making it the best entertainment place in the country.
  • You will also find many fine restaurants and famous shopping centers, and you can walk in the impressive gardens under the sky.

Dolphin Shows:

  • Dolphin shows are held all day of the year, in their own closed place, and are organized every day of the week except Monday.
  • The place can accommodate more than 950 people, and shows are organized for an hour in the morning, your children will feel a lot of joy with seeing dolphin shows in addition to the training teams specialized in training dolphins. You can play with the dolphin directly and pay an additional fee.

The most beautiful natural regions of Turkey:

  • Among the most beautiful natural scenic regions in Turkey and Istanbul in particular are the following:

Patara Beach:

  • It is close to the ancient city of Patara, and within walking distance of Kalkan resorts.
  • It is one of the most beautiful natural areas in the country, and it is equipped with private beaches for families. What makes the beach truly impressive is its vast stretches of magnificent crystal water, and you will be amazed at the landscape of natural sand that stretches over 18 kilometers. Of course, the beach will be impressive for young children who love the sea and sandy beaches, at the same time it is a suitable place to relax in the picturesque nature.


  • One of the best places for family tourism in Turkey, and its reputation has been terribly famous in the recent period due to the many recreational activities and the wonderful experiences it offers in the fresh air.
  • The place gives you an opportunity to explore around through impressive walking paths, spectacularly hidden valleys to explore, and the impressive rock formation. There are also many villages that have been surprisingly excavated in the rock.
  • The place will impress your little children, and you can participate in flights across the balloon so that you can see the beauty of the place and enjoy an unrepeated scenery of sunset or sunrise. You will not want to leave this dazzling place.
  • Also in Cappadocia, you can document the best memories by buying souvenirs for you and your friends or for rare accessories. And if you want, you can go to a cave hotel for a unique stay.

Turquoise Aquarium:

  • It is located in the Forum Istanbul Mall, and it contains many huge and very famous aquariums in Europe.
  • The aquariums extend over 8 thousand square meters, and it is a place very rich in marine life, where you will be able to see a huge number of marine life in various shapes and colors.
  • It is one of the best places in Turkey to make safari trips under the water where you can roam around in tunnels up to eighty meters in length, which gives you an opportunity to see the fish up close, and at the end there is an amazing panoramic room that enables you to see the different marine biology in an interesting and popular way for children .

Bosphorus Tour:

  • Making a cruise is one of the best options for family tourism, whatever the destination of the cruise, it will undoubtedly be very enjoyable. You will feel a lot of love and affection while taking a tour through the Bosphorus in Turkey.
  • The trip is completely inexpensive, and it is organized from the Bosphorus to the Asian side of the country. You can also participate in remote trips that extend you to the Black Sea, and return you again to the Bosphorus. It will be an excellent trip if you are a fan of cruises and the charming nature amid the sea from all sides and the sky is your umbrella.

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