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Kuala Lumpur is a Malaysian city with several tourist areas that you can tour with your family, and we will mention the best tourist places in Kuala Lumpur in this article.Tourist places in Kuala Lumpur - Tourist places in Kuala LumpurKuala Lumpur city

FRIM Protected Area:

1581202920 170 Tourist places in Kuala Lumpur - Tourist places in Kuala LumpurFRIM PROTECTION If you visit Petaling Jaya, which is the most famous place of tourism in Kuala Lumpur, you can reach the FIRM Reserve, which is a tropical forest reserve. It contains the headquarters of the Forest Research Institute, before entering this reserve it is necessary to wear shoes dedicated to climbing so that you can enjoy adventures in the heart of nature. Your entry ticket for this reserve costs you 6 regents.

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Romantic city of Putrajaya:

1581202920 354 Tourist places in Kuala Lumpur - Tourist places in Kuala LumpurRomance city is one of the tourist places in Kuala Lumpur, do not miss it when you visit Malaysia, the romantic city of Putrajaya. This city is approximately thirty minutes from the capital. It is one of the quiet and clean places, and the original Malaysian architecture is spread in it. Also, this place has Putra Mosque, and it is the best mosque in Malaysia, and the beauty of this mosque when you look at it will feel that the mosque floats on the water, and this mosque is surrounded by an artificial lake from many The buildings and buildings in that city are spread over the decorations and inscriptions, and near the mosque there is the Putrajaya Bridge, which takes the shape of the sail of the ship. In the evening period, the bridge is lit with different colors, its luster goes to the water, and it has a wonderfully likable shape. Also, they can be independent Boat in Putrajaya Lake Industrial half Saah.eugd a number of cafes and restaurants around the city as there are a large number of gardens that you can go to roam where a journey Romancih.aly lovers beach when visiting Malaysia Tourism went to this island

Penang Island:

The capital of Penang Island is Georgetown, and this island is located on the western side of the coast. It is one of the best beaches that sea lovers prefer, and there are a lot of activities that you can practice in this place. On the northern side of the island there is Batufrangi beach, and the sand of this beach is soft enough. Big so it is suitable for hiking and walking. You can also lie on the sand to take a portion of Vitamin D from the sunlight. On this beach there are a lot of palms that extend along the beach and there are several restaurants and shops that families can go to when visiting Malaysia for tourism. There is also a city Closed cabaret th For families, these cabarets are used when the rain falls or when you feel the extreme heat and there are a lot of games available, and a 2-hour entry ticket for a child reaches 24 RIT.

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Spice garden:

1581202920 858 Tourist places in Kuala Lumpur - Tourist places in Kuala LumpurThere are many plants in this garden, and this garden is located on Penang Island, and it is advised to take an audio guide for you in multiple languages. It is important that you put yourself on the sprayer to flush out mosquitoes before you enter that garden. And in this garden there is the most famous store selling the best spices, And the rarest around the world, so this park is a good destination for those who want to visit the tourist places in Kuala Lumpur.


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