Kuwait, which ranks fourth in the world in terms of per capita income annually, is located at the tip of the Arabian Gulf, and it shares its borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia. All traditional ideas about the Gulf states apply to Kuwait, as it is an oil rich country full of architectural masterpieces and filled with rich people, but it did not comply with the waves of the commercial transformation completely, as it succeeded in preserving its authentic Arab character and keeping pace with modern development at the same time! And here Kuwait is gaining a great reputation very quickly among tourists from all over the world thanks to its wonderful museums, colorful markets, dreamy desert, lush beaches and lively restaurants.
While places such as Dubai and Bahrain provide its visitors with the sparkle of life of the major modern cities, Kuwait still maintains its calmness and its greatest focus on activities suitable for all family members such as eating meals in restaurants, shopping in huge shopping complexes, relaxing and strolling on the beach and other activities.
Here is a list of some of the highlights you can try while visiting Kuwait:

Islamic Antiquities House:

If you are lucky and visit Kuwait in the period between May to September, you will meet the most talented artists from all walks of life who go to the Dar Al-Athar Islamic Cultural Organization to present their shows and exchange experiences with each other. Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyyah was established based on the private art collection owned by Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, and it hosts the activities presented by these artists.

The Great Mosque:

The Great Mosque, located in the heart of Kuwait City, is world famous thanks to its magnificent architecture, which makes it one of the most prominent landmarks of the country. The mosque extends over a large area of ​​490,000 square feet, and it is the main place for holding official religious ceremonies.
The mosque opens its doors to receive tourists and visitors every day at nine thirty in the morning, and you can use the help of a tourist guide to accompany you on your tour for free, do not forget to bring a good camera to take some pictures of the place from the inside and for yourself as well, and remember to wear appropriate clothes before entering the big mosque.

Outdoor cinema party:

Did you know that you can enter an open-air theater in the heart of a busy street, for free? Yes! What I read is all true! If you are a movie fan and you were in Kuwait during the period from November to April (which is the best season to visit Kuwait), you can go directly on Thursdays and Saturdays to watch a number of internationally award-winning films from all over the world, where they are presented with English subtitles on “Cinemagic” screen in the old Salmiya market. Thanks to comfortable sofas, great weather, and hot popcorn, you’re on the go with a fun experience!

Visiting museums:

Kuwait spends a lot of money to build many museums devoted to science, technology, history, and the arts, to ensure that future generations are not only aware of their glorious past, but also ready to develop in the fields of science. During your visit to the Kuwait Museum of Science and Natural History, look at the scientific and technological progress made by the country, as the museum includes artifacts and exhibits that display the features of the oil sector in Kuwait. Then you can also visit the National Museum of Kuwait, as it is the best witness to Kuwait’s history and heritage. The last museum is divided into sections, in which the Kuwait Heritage Museum, the Botanical Museum, the Archaeological Museum and Boom Al Muhallab (one of the traditional Dao boats that occupy a great place in the memory of Kuwaitis) are among the favorite places among families and history lovers.

A land trip from Dubai / Abu Dhabi to Kuwait

If you are an adventure fan and have no problem driving your car for 10 to 12 hours, you can try this wild road trip across the highway! Most of the passengers leave from Dubai, and pass through Bahrain, heading to Kuwait. It may take about nine hours to reach Bahrain, and three to four hours to get to Kuwait, but you hardly feel the time on the great ways in which you can test the speed of the latest cars (driving is often at 100 kilometers per hour).
Remember that you do not need a visa to enter Kuwait (or any Gulf country) if you hold a passport issued by one of those countries (or a valid ID card). But if you are of another nationality, you must have a passport, visa and pass, we recommend that you end these official papers two weeks before your trip in order to be hassle free.

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