The first guide to the best places of tourism in Kyrgyzstan and its best hotels, as Kyrgyzstan contains a group of mountains known internationally, in the west there are the mountains of the Tianshan Mountains, in the south there are the Alaska Mountains, and in the north there are a group of valleys, and in the north is Lake Issyk Kul.
Kyrgyzstan, its capital, Bishkek, has a population of approximately six million, its population speaks the Russian language, as well as speaking the Kyrgyz folk language.

Tourist places in Kyrgyzstan:

1- Bishkek is the capital of Kyrgyzstan, a tourist place in Kyrgyzstan: it is characterized by many green spaces, and many monuments where the National Historic Museum is located, but its area is small and crowded with people, and there is the Great Mosque, which is the most famous places in Bishkek, and it also has famous restaurants such as Faiza Restaurant and Jalalabad Restaurant.
2- The Sussemer mountain road. Tourist places in Kyrgyzstan: It is an area that contains mountains and plateaus. These mountains and plateaus contain a covering of greenery, in which you can enjoy the wonderful picturesque nature, calmness and rides, and camping at a small price.
3- Alarsha River is one of the tourist places in Kyrgyzstan: The Alarsha River is located in the south of Bishkek and contains a group of high-rise mountains, where the height of the mountains ranges from 1500 meters to 4900 meters, and it contains beautiful pine trees, and also contains a beautiful natural reserve of an area of ​​about Two hundred square kilometers and contains about 20 river streams. As for the beautiful Alarsha River, it is about 76 kilometers long and the river can enjoy its wonderful view at sunset.
Also, one of the tourist places in Kyrgyzstan is a group of wonderful tourist hotels, including:

Kyrgyzstan best hotels:

1- Park Hotel Bishkek:

This hotel has a great restaurant, clean rooms, and it is one of the best hotels in Kyrgyzstan, the hotel workers speak English, the service in the hotel is good and the prices are not expensive.

2- Hyatt Regency Hotel Bishkek:

Of the wonderful hotels, it contains wonderful restaurants, rooms organized and beautiful and clean, and the hotel contains a sauna, Jacuzzi and a place for sports, and the service is great, but its prices are somewhat expensive.

3- Holiday Hotel Bishkek:

It is one of the modern hotels, it has clean and organized rooms, there is a beautiful restaurant, and the employees speak both Russian and English.

4- Futuro Hotel Bishkek:

A wonderful and beautiful hotel, it has clean and tidy rooms, and the workers speak English and have nice dealings with them, the hotel has a computer center for businessmen.

Also in Kyrgyzstan is the Four Seasons Resort Karven:

It is one of the large resorts that contains an indoor swimming pool, a large water park, a gym, a children’s garden, and has a supermarket, a restaurant, and the stay in this resort is very good.

Also, among the tourist places in Kyrgyzstan are some beautiful cities such as:

The historic city of Osh: It contains beautiful designs, and there is the mountain of the Prophet Solomon.
– The beautiful city of Gladabad: It contains beautiful gardens and landscapes, and mineral water.

There are also a number of places that represent tourist destinations in Kyrgyzstan, such as:

1- Bishkek Art Museum: Contains many ancient Bishkek artifacts.
2- Botanical Garden, Bishkek: one of the largest parks in Bishkek, which contains more than 2500 types of wonderful and beautiful trees and plants.
3- River Alam al-Din: It is a river between two high mountains, and there are many swimming pools on the sides.
4- Russian Drama Theater: It is located in the capital, Bishkek.
5- Kyrgyz Drama Theater: It is located in the capital, Bishkek.



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