Tourist places in Malaysia are many, where there are many places that are beautiful, which are the best destinations for tourists and many of them return to visit them again after what they visit for the first time for its picturesque beauty, and everyone who thinks about taking a picnic has to put tourist places in Malaysia in the first consideration for him.Tourist places in Malaysia 1Tourist places in Malaysia

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Tourism in Malaysia:

Penang Island.

Penang Island
Penangmen Island, the tourist places in beautiful Malaysia if you are thinking about visiting Malaysia for tourism, direct it to it, as it has the city of Georgetown, and that city is dominated by the beauty of European cities, and one of its advantages is that it has hotels with low prices that suit all groups, and that city has many monuments It also contains famous temples for thousands of years, and one of the most famous temples in that city is the Khokongsi Temple, and this temple was founded by a Chinese family at a cost of 10 ringgit, and this temple consists of 2 floors, and has a lot of golden decorations, as well as a lot of colorful drawings and beautiful trimmings. As for the P museums in that city the most famous of them is the Penang Piranakan Temple. And this museum has many properties that dazzle everyone who looked at it. These properties belonged to the wealthiest merchant families in Malaysian countries. And from modern museums you will find the Camera Museum. And this museum from its name you can conclude that it contains rare cameras. Attracting many creative photographers, there is a photo gallery in this museum.

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Streets in Malaysia:

Streets in MalaysiaThe streets in Malaysia are directed to visit Malaysia for tourism; to seek knowledge they describe its streets as cafes and cafeterias spread; they are also crowded with markets. There is a famous tower called Kumtar. This tower surrounds the main shopping center in Malaysia. Shopping. So you can say that the streets are one of the best tourist places in Malaysia.

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Ghantaj Heights in Malaysia:

Genting Highland Games City Malaysia 2The city of Genting Highland Malaysia has a height of 40 km to Gianting. Before leaving Malaysia when it is visited, it is necessary to set aside a day to visit these highlands, starting with Kuala Lumpur, where there are many comfortable and beautiful hotels. In this area there are transport vehicles called cable cars. You will feel that you are in a world of fantasy for the beauty of nature. The cost of your ride for the 6-ring cart for a trip takes three hours. It is only natural that you have prepared your camera when thinking about visiting Malaysia for tourism. Now it's its turn. To capture the best and most beautiful landscapes.As it rises above sea level, there is a chin swee temple in this area. This temple is surrounded by tall caves and its height reaches ten floors. When you wander in the yard of this temple, you will enjoy many scenic places where you have a lot of dense forests in Trees. It has many mountains. If you want to relax, you can go to this area while taking a healthy meal from the spread out restaurants. There are things that help you maintain your health. And you can take your family with you when you visit the Genting Highlands, where you can Take a cable car to enjoy with your family the most beautiful places in Malaysia a.

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