The city of Milan is one of the best cities in Italy that attracts many visitors from all over the world, and it is one of the cities that have a special attraction, and we will learn through this article on the best tourist places that are in the italyn city of Milan, which we advise you to visit.

Tourist places in Milan:

First: Sforzesco Castle:

  • Sforzesco Castle is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Milan, because it is one of the ancient castles, which dates back to the fifteenth century AD, and it is one of the castles that provide various means of entertainment
  • The castle houses a museum with many ancient artifacts.
  • The castle includes a large group of multiple rooms, and each room has its own section.
  • The castle has a large Al Bahah with green plants and some types of roses along with fountains.

Second: The Leonardo Da Vinci Museum:

  • The Leonardo Da Vinci Museum is one of the largest museums in Milan, because it is located on a very large area.
  • The museum houses a large collection of distinctive and unique paintings by artist Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • The museum also has a section dedicated to many architectural designs belonging to the artist Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • The museum also features very simple entrance fees which are only ten euros each.

Third: The Milan Aquarium:

  • The Civico Aquarium is one of the best places to visit in Milan, because it is a huge aquarium.
  • The aquarium includes a large number of different fish and a large number of other stunning marine creatures.
  • The Aquarium also has a dedicated place where many documentary shows related to the world of seas and marine creatures are shown.
  • The Aquarium of Milan also has a small museum, which has many paintings dating back more than one hundred and fifty years.

Fourth: Duomo Square:

  • Duomo is one of the most beautiful places in Milan, because it is one of the most attractive places for visitors.
  • Duomo Square has many restaurants with the finest italyn food in a vibrant atmosphere, packed with tourists.
  • Also in the square there are a large number of stores that through your presence in the square can enjoy buying some souvenirs.
  • Also on the Duomo, there are many different shows and celebrations that can be seen throughout the year.

Fifth: La Scala Theater:

  • The theater is considered one of the largest theaters in the world, and also the oldest, with its construction dating back to one thousand seven hundred and seventy-eight.
  • The theater also includes a small museum that you can enjoy during your tour of the theater, which displays some pictures and paintings of singers.
  • There are also many shows for children, which cost just one euro, in the theater in order to find fun and entertainment for the child.
  • Also among the theater’s specials are the operas that are performed on a daily basis, along with some comedies and some dance performances.

Sixth: The Galleria Vittorio Complex:

  • This is one of the most famous malls in Milan, because it is one of the very old complexes in the city.
  • Available in the complex many shops that have all kinds of different commodities with international brands at reasonable prices.
  • The complex also includes a large number of cafes and restaurants that provide the best of different foods and services as well as eating in a place full of vitality.

Seventh: Milan Cathedral:

  • The cathedral is one of the best and most famous of the city, due to its large size and area along with its distinctive architectural design, which took almost five hundred years until its construction is completed.
  • The cathedral has many interior decorations with precious stones, as well as painted ceilings that narrate the ingenuity of design and construction.
  • In the cathedral there is a small museum that you can visit and enjoy seeing many ancient artifacts of some kings.

Eighth: Naviglio Grande:

  • The Naviglio Grande is one of the most beautiful places in Milan, because it includes charming beauty and charming nature.
  • There are many water trips in the area within a group of canals located in the heart of the place.
  • The region also includes a large number of distinctive restaurants that serve delicious italyn and international cuisine in a charming atmosphere.

Ninth: Parco Sempione Park:

  • This park is one of the most beautiful places in Milan, because it includes many scenic and charming.
  • Also near the park is the Arch of Peace, which can be seen and is one of the most beautiful and famous sights in Milan.
  • Running and hiking can also be enjoyed in Parco Sempione Park, as it has hiking and running trails as well.
  • The garden also includes a group of green plants and trees that make the visitor calm and relaxed by the beauty of nature.

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