Tourist places in Nasr City

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Nasr City

Nasr is a newly established Egyptian Arab city in Cairo after the July 23 Revolution within the urban expansion program, and it occupies the first place in terms of area, with a land area of ​​250 square kilometers, and rises above the sea level forty-seven meters, and is characterized by a constructive, pioneering and cultural style of the Egyptian people.

The neighborhoods of Nasr City


  • Sharq District: It is located in the east side of the city, and it is characterized as representing the eastern facade of Cairo Governorate, and the Sheikhs located in it are: Rabia Al Adawiya, Al Tawfiq, Companies, Golf, Engineers, Al Ahly Club, East Sixth Region, Ninth Zone, Tenth Region, and Eleventh Region , Tenth District, Cinema District, First District, Sixth Region, Al-Wafa and Al-Amal, and Izbat Al-Hujana.
  • Gharb neighborhood: It is located to the west of the city, and it is characterized as a population attraction, and its lands are suitable for building investment projects, and the Sheikhs are: the stadium, the seventh district, the sixth district, the eastern Sarayat, Al-Azhar University, Ezbet Al-Arab, and the Railway Club.

Tourist places in Nasr City


  • October War Panorama 73: His idea arose after President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak’s visit to the Democratic Republic of Korea in the year 1983 AD, and is located near Cairo Sports Stadium, where it overlooks Salah Salem Road, and it covers an area of ​​31 thousand square meters. It was opened in 1989 AD on the fifth day of October, the main parts of the panorama:
    • Open Display Yards, Main Building.
    • The internal wall, which includes the names of the leaders of the armed forces who participated in the October 73 war.
    • The outer wall includes the artistic paintings that symbolize the victories of the Arab Republic of Egypt from the time of the Pharaohs to the present day, and the most famous of these paintings are: a unified enamel plate, the Ahmos expectorant of the Hyksos, the Mansoura battle plate, the Great Transit plate, and the land return plate.
    • The library that contains the Egyptian, Arab and foreign ones that spoke about the October 73 war.
  • The October Martyrs Memorial: Built after the October Victory in 1973 AD, it is located on the western side of the city, and it is a concrete structure with a hierarchical shape, which combines simplicity, generosity, eternity and sacrifice.
  • Hassan Al-Mamoun Street: It includes a branch of the Metro Market, the Educational Buildings Authority, the Al-Ahly Club building, and many restaurants.
  • Makram Ebeid Street: It contains a number of markets specialized in wood, decoration, and floors. It also includes the Children’s Garden, the Arab Open University, and the Citystars mall.
  • Al Rahma Mosque: It is located on Mustafa Al-Nahhas Street.
  • Other landmarks: Al Nasr Road known as the highway, Sun City Mall, Taiba Mall, Petroleum Services Company, Police Guest House, Cairo Stadium, Swimming Complex, Athletics Complex, Abbasiya Fever Hospital, Nimro, Exhibition Land, Armed Forces Mosque Al Rashdan and International Park.


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