Puncak is a popular name for a region in the West Java province of the State of Indonesia. Puncak contains tea plantations that were developed by the Dutch colonial government in the past. Puncak is characterized by beautiful fresh air and pleasant mountain views, and it is recognized that Puncak is one of the wonderful recreational areas Which Jakarta residents and foreign tourists go to spend the most beautiful times, and we find that most of the tourists come from the Middle East region, especially from Cisarua, to spend a distinctive tourist holiday away from the noisy atmosphere, and the Puncak region is also characterized by houses of authentic Arabic style and Various restaurants that offer Arabic food and special meals to suit all tastes, and here are the best tourist attractions in Puncak Mountain.

Lake Warna

This wonderful lake is located in the city of Puncak and the lake is distinguished by its natural and pleasant look and is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Puncak the mountain, and this lake attracts the attention of tourists to it with its color and attractive lights and one of the most important things that distinguishes Lake Warna from other other lakes is the change of color constantly alongside The presence of places designated to sit around and enjoy contemplating its beautiful and distinctive appearance with eating the most delicious meals in the restaurants and cafes surrounding it, where restaurants provide distinguished services for everyone, you can eat your favorite meal with your hot or cold drink while you contemplate nature Free.

Matahari Park Mohari Park

Mehari Park is one of the most popular tourist areas in Puncak, where families go there for entertainment and education at the same time, you will find in the park a variety of games to entertain and spend quality time with friends and family, and you will find many activities that you can do such as riding Horseback riding, walking, running, and playing water games. The place is also suitable for children and adults. You will certainly enjoy sitting in this distinctive garden.

Safari Park

If you are a animal lover, you will surely love to visit the safari park that contains more than 2500 species of animals of various kinds, such as tigers, giraffe, zebra, elephant, leopard and many Indonesian animals. One of the most beautiful things that distinguishes this park from others is that the animals are free and unrestricted free With restrictions and iron cages hindering its freedom, it will be a unique experience for you, it is not an ordinary garden like other gardens but rather it is a distinct garden completely different from the gardens and other tourist places.

Chibudas National Park kebun raya cibodas

Chibodas Garden is a first-class botanical garden that contains many plants that differ in their types and shapes, such as mountain pine, palms, cactuses, cherry trees and many other plants. The garden also contains wonderful natural waterfalls that give beauty to the garden and give it a wonderful natural appearance, definitely On her visit, you will find special pleasure in contemplating the attractive colors of flowers and wandering with your family to see the waterfalls and plants surrounding them.

Twins Waterfall

This waterfall is called a twin waterfall or green waterfall and it is about 15 meters high and it is characterized by its very clean water. The waterfall also contains a cliff that looks like a small cave, and many enjoy visiting it as it is one of the most beautiful attractions in the city of Puncak, you can do a lot of activities around it and take the most beautiful pictures With family and friends to become a beautiful memory later.

Agro Gunung Mas Tourism

You can enjoy a cup of tea while sitting in a green space on the vast tea plantations and contemplating the blue sky to give yourself calm heart and change your daily routine with family and friends, it is one of the most beautiful tourist places that not only contain farms and fields but also many animals, you can Explore the place, wander around, enjoy the fresh air and enjoy favorite tourist activities.

Taman Bunga Nusantara flower garden

Puncak flower garden is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places that express the splendor of charming nature and its attractive beauty, it contains many different types of flowers and it was established in 1995 to be one of the most remarkable tourist attractions in Indonesia, and the garden contains a distinct selection of flowers with colors The different varieties were brought from different regions around the world.

Lido Lake

Lake Lido is one of the most important tourist attractions in Puncak, and this lake is distinguished by its distinguished location between fields and green mountains, and tourists come to visit it and enjoy a wonderful romantic time and hope for the charming nature, and you can practice many activities there, especially riding small boats that enable you to wander in The lake with a wonderful meal, but this sport is characterized by its high prices, which makes it suitable for a specific category of society, and there are a lot of tourist places surrounding the attractive Lido Lake, such as luxurious restaurants that offer the most delicious and delicious Aunt for tourists, especially fresh fish, also contain fruit farms and small lakes, cafes, restaurants and other places and other tourist attractions.

Mikasari Fruits Garden Taman wisata mekarsari

The Fruit Park in Puncak is one of the best tourist places in the city of Puncak, which is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world that was established in 1990 to be one of the largest and most beautiful fruit gardens, it contains 100000 species and more plants and more than 37 thousand types of fresh fruits, Thousands of tourists visit it every month to enjoy seeing its wonderful trees and plants. One of the most important fruits in the garden is watermelon, cherry, mango and pineapple that tourists enjoy picking and tasting their fresh taste. Not only that, but the garden also contains a large and beautiful pool with a large area and clear water sitting around There are mothers and children, and you can practice biking trains rides in the garden to enjoy seeing all parts of the fruit garden. Also, the fruit garden also has a souvenir shop. You can buy the most beautiful souvenirs for your friends and relatives.

Masjid Atta Awun Mosque

The Al-Taawun Mosque is located in the city of Puncak, the mountain and is one of the most important and attractive attractions in there. This mosque was designed with high craftsmanship in the year 1997 by the most skilled architects who used the best materials in its establishment such as clear glass, umbrellas, iron, wood and other durable and distinctive materials, The mosque is surrounded by a lot of gardens that contain beautiful flowers of all kinds, and the Al-Taawun Mosque consists of 3 floors and it is a large area, and you will find around the mosque many sellers who sell wonderful souvenirs and light food. And here we have finished our trip to the best tourist places in the wonderful tourist city of Puncak, the mountain that millions of tourists come to visit and enjoy the charming nature with family and friends, you can choose the best places and visit them, surely you will repeat your trip many times when you visit this special area, and we leave you now On the promise of another distinctive tourist trip to the most beautiful Indonesian tourist cities that are unparalleled.

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