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Qatar is one of the most important countries in the Arab Gulf and its capital is Doha, with a population of two million people, and it is one of the most important tourist places that attract a large number of tourists and from all parts of the world, because of its diversity in the tourist places in it, it contains tourist places, And historical, religious, therapeutic, and entertainment, in addition to the presence of many different and diverse markets.

Tourism in Qatar

Qatar is characterized by the presence of many places of tourist attraction, namely:

Palm island

This island is considered one of the most important tourist places in Qatar, it is located in the Gulf of Doha, and there are large numbers of beautiful beaches that attract many tourists, and it is suitable for tourists who bring with them their children, because there are many places for playing in the water, and many Horses are for people who prefer horse riding, as well as various water sports and other various activities.

Al Bida Park

This garden is considered a suitable place for tourists to relax and relax, as it is a wonderful garden and suitable for everyone, especially children, because they can do many fun and enjoyable activities, in addition to tourists enjoying skiing and doing the accompanying rotation process.

Standing market

This market is one of the most visited places for tourists when traveling to Qatar, because it reflects the history of Doha and the lifestyle of its inhabitants hundreds of years ago, and the most important characteristic of this market is that it was designed in a traditional way, although it was built in the contemporary time.

Doha Castle

This castle is one of the most important historical tourist places in Qatar, and was built in the nineteenth century, and it dates back to the time of Ottoman colonialism, and it was like a prison at that time, but it was restored in the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy CE, and since its restoration it has become a museum of Qatar museums Archeology, and contains many paintings and tools dating back to the ancient time, and come to visit large numbers of tourists from all over the world.

The weapon museum

This museum is one of the places that arouse the interest of a large number of tourists, especially lovers of weapons and excitement, it is characterized by the presence of various types of weapons on display that give an idea of ​​the method of manufacture that is characterized by ingenuity and high experience for those who carried it, and among the most important and famous types of weapons in it is the famous Lawrence dagger In addition, there are many gold and silver coins, and the existence of daggers and swords dating back to ancient years.

Qatar club for stamps and coins

In this club, individuals who tend to collect stamps and coins gather in this club, and these individuals get a great pleasure in knowing the history of ancient Qatar, and getting acquainted with the accomplishments achieved in the past years.

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