Tourist places in the Boracay Philippines

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The topic of our article today on tourism in the Philippines is Boracay, where the island of Boracay in the southwest of the Philippines is one of the suitable places for those looking for rest and tranquility and spend quality time in the landscapes very creative, it is a tropical island surrounded by wonderful sandy beaches, which made it one of the most important destinations Tourism around the world, and through the following lines in the Arab travelers, we will learn about the most important places of tourism in the Philippines for families, specifically on the island of Boracay and its most important features.

Tourism in Boracay Philippines

Tourist attractions in Boracay Island

Boracay Island contains many distinguished beaches, which number up to 12 beaches, including the following:
White beach
The most famous feature of Boracay Island is the white beach that extends 7 km long, and this beach is characterized by its clear water and fine sand, which made it one of the island’s most crowded beaches with tourists, and thanks to its reputation and beauty, this beach was distinguished by its large number of international resorts, restaurants and shops compared to others From the beaches.
Tourist places in the Boracay Philippines - Tourist places in the Boracay Philippines
Bucca Beach
Boca Beach comes second to the beaches of Boracan Island after the white beach in terms of beauty, and thanks to its presence in nature it is an ideal place to calm down and enjoy the beauty of nature, as well as to engage in marine activities such as boating, kayaking and parasailing.
1581259209 407 Tourist places in the Boracay Philippines - Tourist places in the Boracay Philippines

Balinghai Beach
For lovers of diving and deep-sea viewing, Balingai Beach at the southern end of Boracay is one of the most suitable beaches for practicing this hobby, as its waters are distinguished by its many marine creatures, distinctive fish and coral located in a rich garden in its depths, and there are many shacks belonging to Balat Resort Hi spread on the shore and cliff rocks.
1581259209 145 Tourist places in the Boracay Philippines - Tourist places in the Boracay Philippines

Leisure activities in Boracay

There are many recreational activities that can be enjoyed on Boracay Island, including the following:

  • Enjoy the magnificent landscape of the island through a cable car ride up to Mount Luo, providing a wonderful panoramic view of the island and its beaches.
  • On the shores of the island there are many classes devoted to teaching visitors and tourists the various culinary arts by a group of the best Filipino chefs, who accompany the learners in the markets while buying food, which makes this activity a unique and wonderful experience unforgettable.
  • Visitors can wander around the island by using rented carts and taking them to the hills and dirt roads to explore the island’s landmarks, and get to know the various restaurants in it that serve traditional Filipino cuisine.

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