Tourist places in Trabzon

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Hagia Sophia Museum

The Hagia Sophia Museum (English: Hagia Sophia) is considered one of the most beautiful, and most prominent historical and archaeological monuments in the city of Trabzon. In the past, as a church or cathedral, it is worth noting that this museum has been visited by numbers of tourists from the city to enjoy the splendor of the building’s architecture and its artistic contents.

Vasillon Monastery

Vazelon Monastery (Turkish: Vazelon Manastırı) is considered one of the historical monuments in the city of Trabzon, where its history dates back to the year 270 AD, knowing that throughout its history it was destroyed and vandalized, where the Turks and Persians destroyed it several times, and it was completely destroyed in 1922 In spite of this, the monastery is still preserving some of its monuments, including the frescoes that appear on the structure of the monastery.

Ataturk Palace

The Atatürk Palace (in Turkish: Atatürk pavilion) is considered an archeological building dating back to 1890 AD, where it was designed by one of the Italian engineers to be the residence of a Greek figure, then in 1924 AD it became the headquarters of President Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, but in 1987 AD, the palace was transformed To a museum dedicated to archeology and anthropology.

Golbas Hatun Mosque

The Gulbahar Hatun Mosque (in Turkish: Gulbahar Hatun Mosque) is located to the west of the city center of Trabzon, and its establishment dates back to 1514 AD, at the hands of the Ottoman Sultan Selim I, who ordered the construction of the mosque in honor of his mother, Gulbahar Hatun. Today, the mosque is visited by the residents of the area and tourists to enjoy the view of the mosque’s architecture, and take a stroll around the park surrounding it.

Trabzon Museum

The Trabzon Museum, or Kostaki Palace, is considered a historical monumental building built to be the seat of a Greek figure, then in 1924 AD it became the residence of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, and this palace eventually turned into a museum that receives visitors and tourists. It is worth noting that this building is distinguished by its design in the Ottoman architectural style, and in the exquisite ornate interior design, and the museum houses many archaeological pieces dating back to the Ottoman era, and some bronze statues, in addition to jewelry, Byzantine and Roman coins, and others.


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