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Washington and National Mall Monument

The National Mall is one of the most magnificent areas in Washington, and it is characterized by the Tower of Washington Monument in the middle, and there are many memorials lined in it, and this place is one of the places worth visiting when visiting the city even if the visit is short.

Capitol Building

This magnificent place includes the American legislature, and members of Congress have met since the year 1800 AD to lay down the laws of the country, and the 435-seat House of Representatives and 100-member Senate meet in the northern and southern parts of this building.

National Gallery of Art

This place displays some of the largest art masterpieces in the world, and it includes paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, sculptures, and decorative arts.

Botanic Garden

Located near the Capitol, this park showcases about 4,000 species of tropical, sub-tropical and seasonal plants, and offers many special events and educational programs throughout the year.

Visit the White House

A visit to the White House must be organized by submitting an application through a member of Congress, in which group tourism takes place from Thursday to Saturday, and it is reserved one month before the visit, and without prior planning it is possible to visit the White House Visitor Center which opens its doors daily to visitors.

Library of Congress

This library is the largest in the world and includes about 164 million books, manuscript, map, pictures, movies, and other materials, and the main building is the Jefferson Building.

National Zoo

This park includes more than 1,800 animal species, and more than 300 species of creatures live in its native habitat. It is famous for its giant pandas, which are “Mei Xiang”, Tian Tian, ​​and Bei Bei, Also notable among them are African lions and Asian elephants.

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