Tourist places in Zurich for children..Z Zurich has the advantage of including a distinguished group of tourist places and parks that children like, and Arab travelers provide you with a guide to reach these places ..

Tourist places in Zurich for children ..

The zoo in Zurich ..

The zoo in Zurich ..The zoo in Zurich..a popular place for children and there they can play with different animals and feed them themselves and learn about the nature of life there and the food and drink provided to them, and the zoo in Zurich can be considered one of the largest parks in Switzerland and occupies a privileged location on the bank of Lake Zurich, which makes it win Great aesthetic value, as it is characterized by its large area and reaches 11000 square meters, and a large and comfortable place is allocated for each animal separately. The Zurich Zoo can be considered the first destination for children thanks to its inclusion of a large number of different animal types and the number of them is estimated at 300 and the most famous of them are: To be loved by children and watch their lives closely and how they prefer life in the snowy mountains, as well as a group of reptiles, rare animals and more penguins. The Zoo in Zurich is one of the most important tourist attractions in Zurich and Switzerland in general, and it witnesses a great demand and crowd throughout the week One of the most enjoyable leisure activities for children is playing with elephants, feeding them with their self, and taking pictures with them. The park also includes a group of adventure games and a number of distinctive restaurants and cafes, along with shops that offer the best souvenirs, so the park is the most suitable for you. N to spend the weekend and all public holidays, and features the park to include endangered animals, including: fox Rabtqaly and wild boar. The park includes wide green areas that enable you to run, organize running competitions and enjoy the beauty of nature there, along with the ability to see introductory photos and structures for extinct and rare animals, and the park opens its doors for visitors from nine in the morning until six in the evening. Read also: Recreational places for children in Switzerland

The old Botanical Garden in Zurich … where the most beautiful scenery is …

The old Botanical Garden in Zurich ... where the most beautiful scenery is ...– The old botanical garden in Zurich..with the most beautiful scenery..It is the ideal place for lovers of calm and recreation.The old botanical garden in Zurich is one of the most important tourist attractions and witnesses great demand and intense crowds throughout the week, and is characterized by the inclusion of a distinguished group of beautiful plants of various kinds, including A large number of nurseries, various flowers and charming natural scenery especially at sunset, and children find their enjoyment in running and playing over green areas in the garden. Perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes the botanical garden from others is that it contains two parts, the first includes a water park and the second garden Patat includes various types of the most beautiful plants, some of which are rare and unique plants, and you can take the most beautiful pictures of your children there, and take the most beautiful walking tour or rent bikes and make children happy. The garden includes a large number of comfortable wooden benches for families to be able to sit on and enjoy the beauty of nature, as there are boats Where to do the most beautiful cruise within the river that is located along the park and take an exploratory tour and get to know the various tourist attractions that distinguish Zurich and make it an important front for tourism in Switzerland. The park is located in a lively and attractive place near the counting A hand of tourist attractions, including: Al-Bayer Museum, which specializes in combining wonderful old hours. Restaurants and cafes abound, and the garden opens its doors to visitors from seven in the morning until seven in the evening.

Find out .. the most popular tourist places for children in Zurich ..

Find out .. the most popular tourist places for children in Zurich ..Learn about the most famous places for children in Zurich. Zurich is distinguished by its many distinct places that make it a suitable place for children’s amusement, and it attracts thousands of families to enjoy the beauty of parks and gardens that delight children and come on top: covered water parks that include interesting and distinctive games and fit All ages are not limited to children only, as it is suitable for adventure lovers, Zurich also includes one of the most beautiful gardens and forests in the world which is the “Maswala” forest, in addition to the beautiful charming places, including: the Rhine waterfall, which is the largest in Europe and gets the admiration of the family in the Kam Especially where the possibility of children running and playing in the green spaces and spend the most beautiful holiday also Osbuaah.aqro: Cities games and most famous clubs in Switzerland

Lake Al-Nuzha

Lake El-Nozha ...– Al-Nuzha Lake … and occupies a great tourist place for tourists, especially children thanks to the stunning scenery that distinguishes it and makes it the main destination for families in Zurich, which is a beautiful park occupies an attractive lively place on the bank of the wonderful Lake Zurich, which is characterized by Zurich, and children have the possibility to play, run and spend The most beautiful holiday in a quiet, charming and beautiful place and characterized by wide green areas and witnesses a great crowd in the summer to enjoy the beauty of the weather there thanks to its proximity to Lake Zurich, which is the ideal place to escape from the city shower. By being in the park of Zurich your children can enjoy the scenic view of the core Lit and sit on the sides and put their feet inside the water, as you can spend the most beautiful walking tour in the green areas there or rent a bicycle and wander around the park and take the most beautiful pictures of entertainment. The lake is distinguished by the inclusion of a distinctive set of beautiful interesting games that appeal to children, on top of which: Electric Games Which suits all ages is not limited to children only, and in the evening many parties are held and many recreational competitions are held to spend the best times of luxury and fun. You cannot miss taking your children on a fun tour inside the lake in one of the boats there and Walt Enjoy the beauty of the weather and charming natural scenery, eating dinner and the most delicious local and international dishes in this beautiful atmosphere. There is also a group of distinguished restaurants on the outskirts of the lake and is famous for providing light and delicious meals that match the scenic nature of the region.

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