Turkey is one of the most famous countries that includes many different tourist attractions, which narrates history and great civilization through each city and its cities, and many of the tourist attractions in Turkey may go back to the ancient Ottoman times, and we will show you a tourist program in Turkey, specifically in Its capital, the city of Istanbul, which includes many different tourist attractions, got to know this tourist program, which is only six days long.

Tourist program for Turkey 6 days:

First day:

  • The first day of the tourism program includes arriving at Istanbul International Airport, and then moving to the hotel that was previously booked, and the rooms that were booked are received, and rest can be made on the first day.

the second day:

  • The second day includes a tour dedicated to getting to know many of the sights in Istanbul, among which is the Topkapi Palace, which has now become a museum and which includes many ancient monuments, among them the antiquities of the Holy Prophet, as well as many of the ruins of the Ottoman Empire.
  • After that, we will go to Gulhane Park, which is considered one of the most beautiful gardens of Istanbul, which was initially affiliated to Topkapi Palace.
  • After that visit the famous Hagia Sophia Museum which is located in the same area.
  • Then go to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque and see this old mosque, which includes the huge architectural design next to the six domes in it.

the third day:

  • The third day of this tour program also includes a visit to Princesses Island, and the journey begins by visiting the port of Qubatash, and sailing for about an hour and a half.
  • After that, four islands pass through, and the largest of these islands is settled. It is called Buyuk Ada, which is located on the opposite side of Kartal.
  • After that, wandering around the island of princesses, in order to get to know all the monuments in it.
  • Then go to the group of popular markets located in that place and shop and see many popular shops and buy souvenirs from there.

the fourth day:

  • The fourth day of the tour includes heading to the Bosphorus, in order to get to know the region that separates the European and Asian continents.
  • After that, going to visit the Egyptian market, which is one of the most famous and important popular markets in Istanbul, and the Egyptian market is located in the Fatih area.
  • After that, go to see the famous Dolma Palace, which is considered one of the most important tourist attractions and which is built in the nineteenth century.

The fifth day:

  • The fifth day of the trip includes visiting the Taksim area of ​​Istanbul, which is one of the most important areas that include tourist attractions in Istanbul, and starting from the famous Taksim Square area, and sitting in it for some time to get to know the place.
  • Then you can go to Istiklal Street, which is one of the most famous streets there, and it is one of the most important shopping streets, and you can enjoy walking on that street in the middle of many shops that have all kinds of clothes with international brands.
  • Sitting in one of the famous restaurants in this area and eating lunch and for a break.
  • At the end of this day, we go to visit the famous Galata Tower, which is one of the most famous and oldest towers in Istanbul, from which you can see the various landmarks of Istanbul.

the sixth day:

  • The sixth day includes a group of different places, which start by visiting the Abu Ayyub al-Ansari Mosque, which is one of the oldest mosques in the city of Istanbul and named after the companion because the companion is buried near it.
  • After that, the cable car ride and enjoy watching many of Istanbul’s landmarks, until direct access to the famous Pierre Loti hill which is one of the most beautiful landmarks of Istanbul, and enjoy a fun time on this hill. There is also a cafe in this place that was named after the hill and includes many Drinks, including distinctive Turkish coffee.
  • Then visit the famous games city Via Land, which is one of the largest game cities in Istanbul, and enjoy the most powerful games distinctive.

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