Tourist program for Turkey for two weeks

المسافرون العرب

A two-week tourism program for Turkey that includes the most famous places of tourism in Turkey is one of the tourist countries that have become the focus of attention of many people, and it has become a place of attraction for many travelers from all countries of the world in order to enjoy the charming nature and picturesque archaeological monuments, – The country of Turkey Between the nobility and originality of the past, and between a civilization and a paper history, so we decided to take you on a quick tour in order to get acquainted with a two-week tourism program for Turkey.

A two-week tourism program for Turkey:

The first day of our trip to Turkey:

After arriving at your hotel you can take a period of rest in order to prepare for our free tour, and in the evening you can take a free tour next to the hotel in which there are between cafes and restaurants and nearby shops, and you can go to Taksim Square, which contains Lots of attractions and restaurants.

The second day of our trip and our tour:

On the second day, after you have settled in and felt comfortable and relaxed, you can go to princesses or red islands as they are called by the Arabs, visiting princesses is a wonderful and interesting opportunity to enjoy and start with the outdoors, as you can enjoy with cycling or Riding horse-drawn cars or as the Arabs call it Rockaway, but do not forget to take a number of memorial photos that will take you in another world and you will not forget them.

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The third day on our trip to Turkey:

You can spend a full day of entertainment from the beginning of the morning until evening, by going to one of the entertainment places such as Via Land, which is enjoyed by adults and children at the same time.

Fourth day in Turkey:

During this day, you can enjoy a trip to the Sultan Ayoub area and Beiruti Café. If you are a fan of fun, you can enjoy the Istanbul cable car, and you can take a free tour in the markets in order to enjoy buying gifts and enjoying the beautiful and charming natural scenery.

The fifth day of the trip:

On the fifth day of the trip, you can go to Amirjan Park in Istanbul, the charming city that overlooks the Bosphorus Sea directly and you can see the scenic sights and enjoy the flowers, then you can visit Alos Park either in the evening you can visit Istinya Park.

Sixth day of the trip:

The sixth day is the start of the starting, so you have to prepare for the waterfall trip and go to the Kielce waterfall, which rises to a distance of 38 meters, and do not forget to take a set of distinctive memorial photos in order to write down these charming shots.

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The seventh day of the trip:

You can spend a day in the charming nature to enjoy the beautiful scenery, where you can visit Lake Aznik, which is one of the great lakes in the Marmara region, and you can enjoy scuba diving, swimming, surfing and many other water activities.

Eighth day of the trip:

You can spend this day in the vicinity of the hotel and walk at night in the streets of Turkey in order to buy a set of souvenirs and buy your needs, and in the evening you can sit on one of the famous cafes and listen to a cup of Turkish coffee in order to recover your energy for the new day.

The ninth day of the trip:

You can install a hot air table that departs from the historic Cappadocia area. Through this tour, you can see the magic of caves, the beauty of the charming natural and the ancient scenes. After this trip, you can attend one of the parties organized in the region.

The tenth day of the trip:

You can spend this day watching ancient archaeological museums such as the High Gate Museum and Toy Museum in Istanbul and you can visit the Hagia Sophia which is one of the most ancient historical places in Turkey, but do not miss the opportunity to dine in the Trabia region.

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Day 11 of the trip:

You can visit the covered soviet goldsmiths, or visit the silver will and make a free tour of the city’s streets in order to get to know them.

Twelfth day of the trip:

This day, you should visit the Uludag Mountains in order to enjoy the charming nature, especially if you are in the summer season, as you can enjoy the greenery after the thaw, and you should not miss a barbecue party on top of the mountain.

Thirteenth day of our trip:

You can spend a day in the sand blasting area in Yalova, which is characterized by a mild climate and is characterized by the presence of a lot of bathrooms that have mineral water, and at the end of the tour you can take a rest and relax in the mineral water bath.

The fourteenth and final day of our tour in Turkey:

You can take a free and private tour of the Bosphorus and buy a number of souvenirs, and in the evening you must try a number of Turkish foods before returning.

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