A tourism program in Bangalore, Bangalore is one of the most famous tourist cities in India, and its popularity is due to the large number of tourist places in it in addition to the picturesque nature that fascinates everyone who sees it, and despite the many religions and different cultures in it, you will feel great comfort and pleasure when Visit her, and now we will go on a trip through today’s article on Arab travelers to get to know the most important tourist attractions and educational and therapeutic centers in Bangalore, as we will show you information about its climate and economy so follow us.

Tourism in the Indian Bangalore

  • It is considered one of the most beautiful and famous cities in India, in addition to the large number of the population present in it and whose population reaches more than 10 million people, there are many different religions such as Islam and Christianity in addition to the Hindu religion.
  • Bangalore has many picturesque attractions, which dazzles everyone who watches it, forcing it to visit it again.
  • It is called the technology capital due to the presence of many technology companies in it, which number more than 1500 major companies, such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, among others.

Weather in Bangalore

  • This city is characterized by its mild climate, as it is one of the best cities that you can visit in the winter to enjoy the rainy weather, but in the summer the temperature rises significantly, but nature looks stunning in the sunlight.


  • Bangalore is the headquarters of many foreign companies, which has helped a lot in increasing its investments.
  • Many of the telecom companies, aviation and software, and others also include many public sector projects.
  • The economic boom in Bangalore helped it to be among the best trading countries in the world.

Its best tourist places

Bangalore contains a number of tourist attractions, historical and archaeological monuments, in addition to the parks and the means of entertainment available in it. You can also shop in the most famous markets there, and the most important tourist attractions are:

First: Wonderla Amusement Park

  • It is one of the most beautiful places that will help you enjoy your time with your children, as it gives you entertainment and entertainment with a high level of suspense and excitement.
  • You can enjoy the various games that are there, as there are simple and less dangerous games to suit children, in addition to the water games in them.
  • And you can watch the latest international movies at Wanderla Cinema with the latest tools and technologies.
  • At the end of the tour, you can see the fountain and take memorial photos in front of it.

Second: Nandi Hills

  • And which is intended by many visitors for the enjoyment of seeing the picturesque nature, which has a magical appearance at sunset.
  • In these hills, you can enjoy cycling, and you can live an adventurous ride by cable car or parachute.
  • The hills include a number of temples and monuments that tell you about the originality of the place and its ancient history.

Third: The Bangalore Palace

  • One of the most famous tourist attractions in the city, dating back to 1862, it is called the Royal Palace and is used a lot in the revival of the concerts of major international singers.
  • You can enjoy seeing the architectural designs and taking souvenir photos with it.

Fourth: Thotikalo Falls

  • It is famous for being one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, and its waters rush on the slopes wonderfully and strikingly.
  • You can take commemorative photos and enjoy seeing the waterfalls while being sure to follow the walking directions to avoid dangerous places.

Fifth: Vidana Building

  • One of the oldest legislative buildings in India, which talks about the heritage of ancient heritage and the bone of history, where its construction dates back to the fifties of the last century.
  • It is characterized by the presence of a high dome with a design that is very impressive and beautiful, which pushes tourists to take memorial photos with it.

Sixth: La Pague Garden

  • La Bague Garden helps you to enjoy nature in its most beautiful way through a group of beautiful plants from rare species that you will enjoy a lot of seeing.

Food in Bangalore

  • This city is characterized by the difference in the number of foods in it. Whatever your choice of food, you will find it in Bangalore.
  • It includes a number of Japanese, Chinese, italyn and other restaurants.
  • You can also enjoy eating grilled chicken, liver, falafel and meat of various shapes and colors.

Education in Bangalore

The city has many schools that students attend in various levels of study.
It also contains a number of specialized institutes and universities that provide different and varied fields of study, the most famous of which are:

  • Bangalore University.
  • Technology University.
  • National College of Law
  • St. John’s Medical College.
  • Bangalore Medical College.
  • University of Christ.
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology.
  • International Institute for Information Technology.
  • National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience.
  • Indian Institute of Management.
  • Birla Institute for Fundamental Research.

Treatment in Bangalore

India is generally considered one of the best countries that strive to provide health services and curative care with a high degree of excellence, and in Bangalore you will find medical treatment centers and hospitals in all specialties, the most important of which are:

  • Columbia Asia Hospital.
  • Shooters Hospital.
  • Esther Hospital.
  • Manipal Hospital.
  • Dr. Ahmed Al-Ansari Center.

And the costs of treatment with these hospitals are very cheap compared to other European countries.

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