Indonesia is one of the very charming and distinctive places in the world, and Indonesia is characterized by a mild climate throughout the year so you can visit it at any time without worrying, but the best time to visit Indonesia is the beginning of April until October, as for the picturesque tourist places that you can To enjoy it is too much and we will learn about this through this article.

Best tourist places in Indonesia:

1- Bali Beaches Region:

Bali beaches area is one of the most popular and most exciting places in Indonesia, as it includes a group of very distinctive beaches, which enjoy soft warm sand with clear water like the color of the charming sky, but the best beach in the region is Kuta Beach, which is a beach that combines what Between the sun and skiing for money, you can also play various water games.

2- Java Island:

The country of Indonesia is famous for having a large group of different islands, and the most famous island in which Indonesia is famous is the island of Java, which is located in the capital, Jakarta, and this island has a large number of tourist places that you can visit, such as the National Marine Reserve, as well as a large number of tourist resorts Which you can enjoy sports such as diving in order to see a large group of coral reefs, and it is also a special place for children as the water is calm.

3- Raja Ampat Islands:

The Raja Ampat Islands is one of the islands located in the northwestern coast, and there are a group of small islands that number about 1500 small islands, and for the Raja Ampat Islands, it is the most visited in Indonesia, as it has places designated for diving and places designated for swimming and exercise Marine sports, as it has a group of marine marine creatures.

4- Surabaya region ((the best area for family and tourist visits)):

The Surabaya region is the best tourist destination that families can go for enjoyment and shopping, and this region includes a group of simple popular neighborhoods, as well as a large number of tourist attractions that you can enjoy, as there are a large number of mosques and restaurants that offer A group of distinctive Turkish food, and you also have inside it a large group of markets and shops, which you can buy everything you want for you and your family, and you can also get a distinctive set of souvenirs.

5- Commodore Island “One of the New Seven Wonders of the World”:

This island was named by this name, in relation to a strange animal that lives on it and is called the Commodore, which was classified as one of the largest types of lizards found on the earth, and this species exists only in Indonesia but has become a threat to extinction, so the region has become a natural reserve for this animal This region was chosen as one of the Seven Wonders of the World due to the color of the water as the color of the water is pink, and it is said that the scientific reason behind this distinctive color is the death of many corals in it.

6- Flower Island or Flores Island:

If you love the magical nature and want to spend a day that is the most beautiful and beautiful in your life, you should go to visit Flower Island or Flores Island, which has been classified as one of the most beautiful islands in the whole world, and you can also see a group of volcanic mountains and volcanic lakes Which is characterized by its charming colors as if it is an artistic painting that combines black, blue and green, as for the beach, there is nothing wrong with beauty, water clarity, and practicing many different types of sports such as scuba diving, cycling and fishing.

7- Gili Islands:

If you and your family are on this holiday then it is inevitable to visit the Gili Islands, in order to enjoy shopping through this region which consists of three islands very close and includes a group of attractive beaches, where in the morning you can go to the beach in order to enjoy spending the day, Then after that you can go to the market in order to buy a set of souvenirs for people close to you and do not worry about the prices as the prices are ideal with the finest international brands.

8- National Memorial:

At the end of your trip and vacation in the country of Indonesia, you should not leave the country before you take a group of wonderful memorial photos with the national memorial, this memorial is distinguished by its distinctive architectural style, and you can go up to the roof of the monument and look at the city and reach the height of the memorial The national is about 132 meters.

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