Many tourists are fooled by the small size of Belgium and do not know that it is home to a group of rural towns and villages from the Belgian countryside;
All of these villages are rich in culture and history and most important of all are the beautiful landscapes.
Here are the most important and most beautiful villages of the Belgian countryside.

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Towns and rural villages of the Belgian countryside

The Belgian village of Torgny Belgium

Turney is located in the south of Belgium in the Gome region and is a nice little village with a sunny climate;
It is one of the best places in the country to grow vineyards and is surrounded by orchids and vineyards.
The village houses boast of their stunning architecture, the buildings are mostly colorful sandstone colored houses with pink roofs that remind us a lot of southern France and are always soaked in quiet sunlight.
This village was recognized as one of the most beautiful valleys in 1996.The Belgian village of Torgny BelgiumThe Belgian village of Torgny BelgiumThe Belgian village of Torgny Belgium
The Belgian village of Torgny Belgium

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Bouillon Belgium

The village of Bouillon is undoubtedly the most popular and important tourist hub in the Simois Valley. The village dates back to centuries and centuries from the Middle Ages and has been well preserved.
The village is home to a magnificent 8th-century castle and overlooks the city. It is also completely preserved, as it is one of the oldest and most fascinating remains of feudalism in the country.
There are also many hiking trails specially designed for tourists who want to explore the valley.Bouillon BelgiumBouillon BelgiumBouillon BelgiumBouillon Belgium

The village of Bastogne Bastogne

The village of Pasteon is located near the border of Luxembourg and is the place where thousands of soldiers lost their lives during World War II during the Battle of the Bulge;
This battle was referred to by the Americans as more severe than the Second World War itself.
The Village War Museum offers visitors an opportunity to explore this battle and learn all the information related to it.
Tourists can also explore the Wood Of Peace, which consists of 4,000 trees planted for the fiftieth anniversary of the battle in the dedication of veterans.The village of Bastogne BastogneThe village of Bastogne BastogneThe village of Bastogne BastogneThe village of Bastogne Bastogne

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De Haan, the Belgian village

De Han Village is located along the Belgian Sea coast and is a charming little village in addition to one of the best beach resorts in the country.
The village has maintained its architectural style and charm since the 1930s. Most of the houses in the village are stunning white villas.
In this village you can have a relaxing dream and outdoor activities as there are many paths around the village dedicated to these activities.
You can play beach ball, build sand castles, swim, and water bike rides on the beach with your family and spend the perfect vacation.De Haan, the Belgian villageDe Haan, the Belgian villageDe Haan, the Belgian villageDe Haan, the Belgian village

Waterloo Belgium

Waterloo is one of the most important rural towns and villages of the Belgian countryside as it is the ideal place for history lovers where they can see the place where the famous Battle of Waterloo took place in 1815 and that was the main reason forever changing the course of European history forever.
There are major attractions in the village like Tel-Assad and the visitor center where some movie excerpts can be seen in addition to visiting the battlefield and the surrounding attractions.
There is also a remarkable 1,000-year-old historic monastery in the village.Waterloo BelgiumWaterloo BelgiumWaterloo BelgiumWaterloo Belgium

The village of Durbuy

The village of Durbuy is often referred to as the smallest city in the world and is one of the most picturesque and charming places to be found in Belgium.
The village is old and historical and dates back to the seventeenth century. The village is located in the Belgian mountains of Arden with high dense trees.
The village of Durbuy is a great destination for an excellent, exciting and totally unconventional vacation as the village is famous for its hiking trails;
You can also ride mountain bikes, walk around and see narrow winding alleys of pedestrian and cobbled streets.
The village is full of caves that you can also visit, despite its small size, but its excellent location between mountains and forests is what distinguishes it and makes it suitable for an atmosphere of adventure and unconventional holidays.The village of DurbuyThe village of Durbuy

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