Tozeur features – the most beautiful tourist cities in Tunisia

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Know with us the features of the city of Tozeur, the city of Tozeur is the capital of the Tunisian state of Tozeur, one of the most beautiful cities in Tunisia and most attractive to tourists, so it is considered a natural desert oasis rich in ancient heritage. And the origin of its name for the Romans is the first to inhabit it and means the land of dreams, as it is called the Gate of the Desert. It includes many tourist places that attract tourists, and is also famous for palm trees, where there are more than a million palm trees that provide the best dates, in addition to their brick houses.
Today, through this article submitted by the Arab Travelers website, we will learn in detail about the Tunisian city of Tozeur, so follow us.

Tozeur city features

  • One of the oldest cities in Tunisia.
  • It is characterized by a moderate climate despite its desert nature.
  • The tourist options vary between mountain climbing or camping in the desert, in addition to the diversity of its historical effects between Roman and Islamic.
  • As well as the spread of cafes and restaurants distinctive throughout.
  • In addition to the charming heritage atmosphere that immerses you just by strolling through its streets.

Tourism in the city of Tozeur

The Ribbon House Museum

  • One of the most famous tourist attractions in Tozeur, it was established in 1990.
  • The museum includes ten galleries displaying life in Tunisia from its inception until today.
  • The architectural design of each hall is similar to that of the historical era it expresses.
  • It also includes many figures of Tunisian characters with a heroic navel, such as “The Leader of Carthage”.
  • It has a number of important statues and manuscripts that tell the history of the country.

Water fountains in Tozeur

  • Although it is a desert city, it has a large number of water springs.
  • There are more than two hundred springs spread around the sand dunes in a scene that fascinates the eyes.

Roman Antiquities of Tozeur

  • The Romans inhabited Tozeur since 33 BC.
  • And left behind many of the effects that still exist so far, such as:
  • Wadi Soap Dam in Al-Huwaifif.
  • The square well, which was built of large stones, is located in the courtyard of the Grand Mosque.
  • Ancient Roman homes built from marble, as well as ancient castles.

Islamic monuments of Tozeur

  • The ancient city that Muslims built.
  • The Great Mosque built in Hatra.

Shatt Al-Jarid, Tozeur

  • It is one of the largest salt basins in the desert.
  • It can only be crossed by boat when it rains in winter, but in summer it dries completely.
  • It is one of the most attractive areas for tourists to enjoy the natural scenery there.

Old red train

  • Tourists usually do not miss taking a fun mountain tour through the caves with this train.
  • Its history dates back to the nineteenth century to serve the king at that time.
  • Today it is available for tourists to take tours of the enchanting desert nature.

Hama Al-Jarid Oasis in Tozeur

  • The oasis is 9 km from Tozeur.
  • Al-Jarid Oasis includes four villages.
  • It is also famous for the treated hot water springs, which are specially directed to tourists.

Tozeur city parks

  • Tozeur has many parks and parks where you can spend wonderful times.
  • The most famous of them is the Belvedere Zoo, which includes desert animals only.
  • Followed in popularity by the Tijani Park, which features vast green areas.
  • There are a number of other excursions, such as: “Ras Al Ain Park, Al Areesh Park” and others.

Tozeur city markets

  • Tozeur markets are known for their handicrafts, especially those based on palm grove for their manufacture.
  • In addition to its excellence in the textile and desert traditional clothing that you can get as souvenirs.

Tozeur hotels, Tunisia

There are many distinguished hotels in Tozeur. We mention the most famous of them:

  • Dar Saida Beya Hotel, To book and learn about its benefits, you can click on this link.
  • El Mouradi Tozeur Hotel, For more information, you can visit the following link.
  • Hotel Dar Hi, For more information about the hotel, you should visit the following link.
  • Dar Le Jujubier Hotel, For reservations and inquiries about the hotel, you must visit this link.

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