Traces of folk returned

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The effects of the people of Aad and their abode

God Almighty mentioned in the Noble Qur’an a people who returned and the Prophet of God Hud, peace be upon him, who invited them to worship God, and more than that, their place of residence was mentioned in the name of a surah from the Holy Qur’an, which is Surah Al-Ahqaf, and Ahqaf is what elongated and crooked from the great sand and does not amount to being a mountain And the Al-Ahqaf region includes the southern part of the Empty Quarter, bringing together regions from Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, but Iram, which is the city that was built and inhabited by the people of Aad and mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, is mostly located in the Omani part of Al-Ahqaf due to the accumulation of water that is considered the most important criterion for building civilizations. And cities have been described To God Almighty, their city is full of heaven and eyes. In 1991, some monuments began, including a castle with eight sides of thick walls and towers in its corners and huge pillars of height nearly nine meters in diameter and three meters in diameter. God Almighty mentioned that toss a city with huge columns and modern discoveries It turns out that the city of Iram was a civilization unparalleled by another civilization in its time, in which rivers, eyes and orchards spread like a paradise deep in the desert, and it is a city inhabited by huge palaces and fortresses, but it was buried because of an unusual sandstorm, Almighty said: (Did you not see how your Lord did a habit? * Throw the same pillars * that were not created like them in the countries).

The Prophet Hood and the call of his people returned

Hud, who is descended from the lineage of Sam Bin Noah, peace be upon them, is the Prophet of God who sent him to his people inviting them to worship God alone, he has no partner, and it is the tribe of Awad bin Aws bin Sam bin Noah, peace be upon him, a tribe of Arab Arabs, and they were the first of Abdul-Asnam after the flood Three idols were friendship, steadfastness, and a cat. God sent a prophet among them, calling them to unite God and devote worship to him, except that they were unbelievers who rebel in idolatry. They lied to the Prophet of God and denounced him and described his call with foolishness, and that their idols are the source of sustenance and victory and did not follow the warning of Hood, peace be upon them, from the torture From the mighty Creator, God decreed that he perished.

The torment of a people returned

A people who returned to the Prophet of God and mocked him and made a mockery of the weak by forcing them after having been blessed by God Almighty with good things and eyes and increased them with money and children, where they stubborn their Lord and brought them their torment as he caught the rain from them until the earth dried up, so when they saw a cloud they were proud of the good but it was a torment from God, it is a wind that will destroy them, The Lord of Glory has shed them on them for seven nights and eight days. There was no moment without good and no blessing, which carried the man from them and then degenerated, so his head was separated from his body, so they were annihilated from their father’s sphere. It lasted a hundred and eighty hours And it is believed to be a huge sandstorm destroyed everything and flooded the city and Jnanha sand.


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