Train times from Istanbul to Ankara

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Get to know us today on the train route from Istanbul to Ankara, the train is one of the most convenient means of transportation, especially for long-term domestic flights. Before 2014, travel to Ankara was not available by train, and the journey took by bus or car from 4 to 6 hours. Today, with the train lines extended to Ankara, the number of flight hours has been reduced to about 3 hours.
In this article on the Arab Travelers website, we will look at everything you need to know about train trips from Istanbul to Ankara, so follow us.

The train from Istanbul to Ankara

  • The line connecting Istanbul to Ankara and three other cities between them was opened on the twenty-fifth of July 2014.
  • The start of the journey took three and a half hours, but now it only takes about three hours.
  • The length of the new railway between Istanbul and Ankara is about 533 km.
  • The train’s itinerary runs through six main stations:
  • Gebze, izmit, Sapanca, Pamukova, Polatlı, Ankara, Bilcekik, Bozüyük, Eskisehir.
  • Its prices are also suitable for all categories, it is less than the cost of transporting by plane, and a little higher than the cost of bus travel.

Train departure times from Ankara to Istanbul

Morning appointments

  • 6 am.
  • 8.50 in the morning.
  • 11.45 am.

Evening appointments

  • 14.40 pm.
  • 17.40 pm.
  • 19.00 pm.

Train times for Istanbul to Ankara

Morning appointments

  • 6.15 am.
  • 7.40 in the morning.
  • 10.40 in the morning.

Evening appointments

  • 13.30 pm.
  • 16.10 pm.
  • 19.10 pm.

Book a train ticket from Istanbul to Ankara

  • You can book your tickets from different train stations.
  • Or via the Internet by entering this site.
  • Available to users in Turkish and English.

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