Learn how to travel from Aqaba to Petra, where Petra is one of the most important tourist attractions in Jordan. What are the ways that can be done? What are the different means of transportation between Aqaba and Petra? Which is better? What is the cheapest means of transportation? What are the most important effects and features of Petra?

Transfer from Aqaba to Petra:

  • Petra is one of the most beautiful areas in the world and it is part of the Nabatean city, which is also known as the pink city and which has a great historical place as it is one of the most wonderful ancient monuments, so it is classified among the seven wonders of the world.
  • Petra was carved in the rock in a dazzling eye and evocative in the year 312 BC. This made it from the capitals difficult to penetrate and well fortified, and today many tourists, who want to know more about the greatness of the human mind and human history come to it.
  • There are many archaeological places that attract tourists in Petra, including the Archaeological Reserve of Petra. Also, at the entrance to Petra you will find many cubes made of rock and famous among the local people in the name of the jinn group, and then you will find in the city huge obelisks that have been carved inside the rock, and then extend The road leads you to Al-Siq, which will lead you to the most important archaeological sites in the city, which is the treasury.

When is the best time to visit Petra?

The fall and spring semesters are the best two seasons to visit Petra because the weather in the place is moderate at this time of the year throughout the day and even at night. As for the summer months, the temperature rises so dramatically that it reaches 38 degrees Celsius, which is not tolerated by anyone. As for the winter season, it is not recommended to visit it during it, because the temperature approaches zero degrees Celsius, especially at night when it is very cold.

How to get from Aqaba to Petra?

For those who do not know Petra, it is located in the State of Jordan in the southern part of the country, 220 km from the capital, Amman, and 125 km from Aqaba.
If you want to get to Petra from Aqaba or the capital, Amman, you can do so via local taxis.

What are the best ways to travel from Aqaba to Petra?

  • Petra can be reached via unmarked jet buses or through the distinct buses that follow the tourism companies, and with which there is a tourist guide, to inform you more about the history of Petra, and its various tourist attractions, and of course with the presence of a tour guide their journey will be rich with information and cultures and provided by companies at an appropriate price which is the phrase For buses specialized in transporting tourists between the capital, Amman, to Petra, and Aqaba to Petra, walking the desert highway.
  • Tourism often passes through Wadi Musa, and it is one of the greatest cities that have a long history, until you reach the center of the Petra District while you are transferred from Aqaba.

What is the cheapest way to get to Petra from Aqaba?

  • If you are looking for the cheapest mode of transportation to reach Petra for low-income or young people who want to engage in an exciting adventure, without spending a lot of money on transportation, then small parties, also called minibus, are the best option for you.
  • There are minibuses connecting Amman, Petra, Aqaba, and Petra. You get to the city and then you can take a taxi, and ask the driver to get you to the visitor center in Petra.

How to get around Petra?

  • Archaeological sites in Petra can be reached by walking on foot, from the city of Wadi Musa, which contains many beautiful hotels and tourist resorts, and the distance between them for an hour, and do not worry, you will find many ancient tourist attractions that will attract your attention while walking in the Siq.
  • Petra has many transportation links between its various monuments and the city center.
  • If you intend to ride a private car, such as renting a car to drive it yourself, you can take the Wadi Rum, which is one of the shortest roads connecting Aqaba and Petra, and you can live in this place, and stroll with your family in an atmosphere full of fun and love.

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