Amsterdam is full of many interesting tourist destinations that vary greatly between landscapes, museums, amazing architecture, cafes and restaurants that you will not want to leave. All spread across the city, and to be able to reach it easily without any obstacles or difficulties affecting your vacation. Happy woman needs a comfortable and efficient mobility system that saves you effort and money. This is what the Dutch capital provides you with a great variety of transportation.

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Transportation in Amsterdam


The tram is the primary means of transportation on a convenient and distinctive Mustard, coated in white and blue colors with a popular bell ringing throughout its transportation, to alert spectators and pedestrians of its arrival. It moves from the central station to the different neighborhoods of the city, and it is considered the fastest way to move around the capital. There are two tram stops in the city in front of the central station, one in front of the western side, and the other in front of the eastern side, and both of them can be reached easily within a very short time. When it travels to the center of the capital, the tram first then branches to the different neighborhoods located on all sides of Amsterdam. Locals use a pass or on the go for public transportation to pay the fare. For tourists you can get an hour ticket on the tram, but that will cost you more so it is better to get a visitor card. There are also tickets available for use throughout the day, as well as a ticket that can be used throughout forty-eight hours.


Amsterdam’s underground train transports from the city center to the surrounding neighborhoods, and its four lines are considered the best and fastest way to reach the neighborhoods; Bijlmer, Amstelveen, and Damen. All of the city’s subway stations are surrounded by crossings that are lost upon entry and exit; can be crossed by card or in the analysts, or Any other card is valid for use for tourists. You can get a one-hour ticket or any other ticket at the offices of the GBV service that you find all over the city, and you can also get a souvenir from the vending machines that fill the stations. There are only two stations in the capital center; the new market Waterloo, and for T. You can rent a bike, ride a bus or tram, or enjoy walking and hiking. If you want detailed information about the subway system, you can download the 9292 application, which gives you detailed information about the public transport system for the capital, and is available for cell phones of the model. Android, BlackBerry, and OS X. A new underground road has been developed that joins the subway network, connecting the northern side of the city to the south. The first trains will start working on this road in July.


The bus network in Amsterdam is one of the most important means of transportation in Amsterdam, reaching all neighborhoods throughout the city, and extending outside the capital area. You can move between the flower area in the quarter, the beaches of Zandvoort and Bloemendaal, the historical areas located in the villages and small cities north of Amsterdam with ease using various bus lines.


Many use the subway to travel to and from Amsterdam, where; it has a distinct connection with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, different areas of the city, and large and small German cities, with direct connection to the lines of Belgium, France and Germany. The main station is known as the Amsterdam Central Station, and provides quick access to a center City. It does not provide unlimited access to many destinations, as it connects with bus, ferry, underground and tram services.

Ferries Ferries

If you are looking for fun within the transportation links in Amsterdam, ferries are the best way, providing free and important communication across the IJ River for pedestrians and cyclists. You can find these white and blue coated carriers right behind Amsterdam Central Station, providing free permanent service to and from North Amsterdam.Ferries Ferries

Bikes Bikes

Bicycles are the most popular means of transport in Mostradam, where they are a symbol of the city as they appear in many films. It is a fun way to navigate, as well as being fast and efficient. Locals use it daily for wandering, and wherever you go you find lots of bike rentals.
Bikes Bikes

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