Tbilisi has a charming nature and a number of distinctive tourist attractions that spread across all parts of it, including museums, gardens and charming architecture that highlight its history and ancient heritage. The city provides a distinct transportation system that allows you to enjoy all these places easily, thanks to the huge diversity of means of transportation. Buses, trains, cable cars, ferries, minibuses, subways, taxis.

Transportation in Tbilisi


Buses are one of the most important means of transportation in Tbilisi, you can find them in blue and yellow, as you find every bus equipped with the number of the road that you travel through, so you will not find it difficult to determine the bus to your destination. Some stations also provide automatic boards that show how long each bus takes to reach its destination, you can buy a Metromany travel card to pay the fare, which is passed on a screen placed on the bus. You can also pay cash if you do not have that card, by setting the fare price Coins via a specific machine on board the vehicle. Each trip through the city costs fifty liters, which reduces transportation costs in Tbilisi. You can charge your card from any metro station or via the express payment machines you can find at any bus station.Buses

Cable Car

One of the most enjoyable means of transportation in Tbilisi is cable cars, or what is also known as suspended railways. These chariots move from Rick Park to Narikala Fortress, allowing you to see a breathtaking view of the city. Some vehicles come with a floor of grass, and one tour costs you one lari and you can pay by your metomani float. In 1905, it was newly restored, and a single tour cost you two lari, and it is not accepted to pay there with a Metomani card.Cable Car


The underground train is another of the best and most efficient means of transportation in Tbilisi, two lines run through the city, which intersects at the Maidan station. You must purchase a Metumani card in order to get on the subway, it can be purchased and recharged from any station. Each journey by subway costs fifty meters regardless of where you go. You find the names of the stations in English and Georgian, as well as any announcements or statements within the stations issued in both languages. All subway lines run from seven in the morning until midnight.Subway

Minibuses minibuses

Minibuses in the city are known as Mashrotikas, and they are not the best means of transportation in Tbilisi as it becomes a little difficult to get around. You find them in yellow, and there are no special stations across the city; you can stop one of the road by extending your arm and bend your palm down. Rustaveli is where; you must take it from inside the bus station and it cannot be stopped from the road. The cost of the trip is eighty liters, you can pay in cash or with a Metomani prepaid card. You find a sign hanging on the bus with the sign that you reach in the Gurakh language, so if you are unsure you can ask the driver if the bus is reaching your intended destination or not.Minibuses minibuses

Taxis taxis

Taxis are another means of transportation in Tbilisi due to the fact that they are cheap and allow you to easily get away around the city. Most of the trips across Tbilisi range between three and six lari, some taxis are equipped with meters with fixed rates for the fare. It is better to agree on a price Fare with the driver before you get into the car, as many of the undoubted people seek to cheat foreign passengers by increasing the price of the fare.Taxis taxis


Trains are another way to allow easy transportation in Tbilisi and you must book the ticket from the central train station, and you must present your passport or valid ID in order to be able to cut a ticket. Fortunately, the kit speaks English so you can easily ask about anything, if you plan to go To any of Batumi, Kutaisi or Zugdidi, you must book your ticket two days before traveling, especially during the busy holiday season.Trains

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