Travel advice to Austria … a country of scenic light-colored arms for tourists

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The Republic of Austria attracts tourists from all countries of the world because of its scenic landscapes, wonderful markets, green spaces and distinctive restaurants in addition to the presence of many historical palaces, especially in the city of Vienna, while Zell am See, which comes second after Vienna because it includes rivers, waterfalls, springs, mountains and nature Green, as well as its distinctive restaurants, and if you are thinking about traveling to Austria, we offer you travel advice to Austria before you go there.

Visit visa for Austria

Austria is one of the European Union countries and is associated with European countries with the Schengen visa. It is a unified visa system for a visit to the European Union except England. Therefore, the traveler to Austria must obtain the Schengen visa after applying to it from the Austrian embassy in his country and thus facilitate you to travel between countries Union through the network of roads and trains spread throughout Europe. Read also: Theme parks in Austria … The best and most famous 4 theme parks in Austria

Residence in Austria

The average daily spending and living and living expenses in Austria rise to between 150 and 220 euros per day depending on the hotel or the period you were visiting, along with the presence of international hotels and hostels to host visitors, and if you are a fan of the family atmosphere you can book from websites before traveling in a house or apartment Bear the character of the city. Travel advice to Austria ... a country of scenic light colored - Travel advice to Austria ... a country of scenic light-colored arms for touristsStaying in Austria travel to Austria

Working hours in Austria

Work schedules are one of the most important elements that must be recognized so that the characteristics of the trip are not lost due to the different timing and customs of these countries. In Austria, most stores open their doors to receive customers from 9 am to 6 pm As for food stores, they open from 8 pm The official work of the stores is from Monday to Friday every week from 5 in the morning until 9 in the night, and on Saturday is open until 6 in the evening. As for the banking sector, working hours are from Monday to Friday except Thursday from 8 in the morning until 1 in the morning 2:30 pm as the first period, and the second period starts from 1:30 pm until 5:30 pm, and the banks’ ATMs are available in all Austrian regions if they are needed.

Weather in Austria

The weather varies during the four seasons in Austria in a clear way. In the winter season, Austria is ideal for practicing the leadership in snow skiing that lands heavily on the city during this period. In the summer, the temperature ranges between 15 degrees Celsius “at night” and 27 degrees Celsius “during the day” As for the spring and autumn seasons, the weather in Austria is relatively mild, and one of the travel advice to Austria is to carry your coat with you, especially if you are traveling in the winter and drink lots of dark fluids.1581224768 609 Travel advice to Austria ... a country of scenic light colored - Travel advice to Austria ... a country of scenic light-colored arms for touristsWeather in Austria travel to Austria Read also: Tourist places in Salzburg … a tourist experience you will never forget!

Mobility in Austria

The train is the ideal way to travel within Austria and enjoy its cities and countries, it is an enjoyable experience in itself, and the trains provide comfortable service along the wide railroad lines that link the country with all European cities, and do not forget to limit unlimited Austrian Airlines offers on travel tickets by train, As the best economic way to explore Austria, you must bear in mind Austria’s driving factor when planning to travel by road, as it becomes a challenge especially in the summer, given that many cities are crowded because of their attractiveness to many tourists in order to get to know the wonderful nature As for the state and the scarcity of providing parking spaces in addition to the high fees and travel advice to Austria, use public buses to reach the city center and park the car on the outskirts of the city, as it is preferred to use the diesel car because it is less expensive than gasoline. The maximum allowed for driving on Austria’s highways is It is 12 tons, and the tax poster is required. In the event of a violation, a tax of 220 euros is imposed, and it is prohibited from driving for 24 hours. In the event of non-payment, a case is raised and the fine may double to 2180 euros, because the orders are over and the desire of the state to maintain security and safety Citizens on the road S and protect them, and the most important tips to travel to Austria compliance with traffic rules so as not to fine or legal accountability along with you a picture of your country in this foreign country is not given a bad impression about the Arab citizen.1581224768 923 Travel advice to Austria ... a country of scenic light colored - Travel advice to Austria ... a country of scenic light-colored arms for touristsTraveling to Austria

Language and population in Austria

The first language in Austria is the German language, where 98% of the country’s population speaks it. As for the English language, it is the second language in Austria and its educational system, and it is also widely used. To them, and one of the travel advice to Austria that we offer to you if you want someone’s advice, don’t worry because they will be happy to answer you. Read also: Tourist sites in Kaprun… the most beautiful places for tourists in Kaprun

Restaurants in Austria

One of the travel advice to Austria is not to miss the experience of local Austrian cuisine, especially the Schnitzel Viennese dish “beef”, as it is one of the most famous dishes of Austria and one of the most famous restaurants offered by the “Augustinakeller cellar” restaurant. We also advise you not to miss the opportunity to try Austrian sweets, and the Griechenbeisl restaurant Among the oldest restaurants in Austria, the Ali Baba Zell am See and Antonio Basmati restaurant and Villa Crazy Deci are among the most famous restaurants in Zell am See. A large group of the Arab community is present in Austria, which is accompanied by the presence of a large number of Arab restaurants. The country For a foreigner because you don’t know its composition and whether it matches the provisions of the Shari’a “halal” or not? It teaches you that tap water in Austria is safe and of high quality, so we advise you to take it without fear because this will save you a large amount of your trip costs.1581224768 537 Travel advice to Austria ... a country of scenic light colored - Travel advice to Austria ... a country of scenic light-colored arms for touristsRestaurants in Austria travel to Austria

Shopping in Austria

From travel advice to Austria, beware of buying souvenirs from tourist centers, despite their spread in cities, but they are very expensive and expensive, and from travel advice to Austria that we provide to you; ask about the best places that you can buy souvenirs and certainly the local people will help you to know In the best and cheapest stores, you can use credit cards in supermarkets, restaurants and hotels only, and just as the sale is valid for all foreign currencies, we advise you to take advantage of the Austrian system for visitors from non-restricted countries in the European Union to recover tax You can get your money back by obtaining a “Global Law” check and adding the original invoice to it, then stamping it from the customs officer when you leave the European Union, otherwise you will not be able to get your money back. In your home country, or send the check to Global Blue for cash.1581224768 319 Travel advice to Austria ... a country of scenic light colored - Travel advice to Austria ... a country of scenic light-colored arms for touristsShopping in Austria. Travel to Austria

Tipping in Austria

Tipping represents between 5% and 10% of the bill amount, whether for the waiter, the taxi driver, or others.


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