Travel advice to Bulgaria .. a long history and picturesque beaches!

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Travel advice to Bulgaria .. The country of Bulgaria is one of the favorite tourist countries for tourists from around the world, from ancient history to picturesque beaches and when you tour the country you will see Roman ruins and beaches located on the Black Sea, but this country does not receive the attention that it deserves but this will benefit you where you will find A few crowds, here are some tips that will help you on your trip and make it a beautiful memory.

Travel Tips to Bulgaria:

1. Your stay in Bulgaria:

Travel advice to Bulgaria .. a long history and picturesque - Travel advice to Bulgaria .. a long history and picturesque beaches!Travel Tips to Bulgaria Begins hotel prices in Bulgaria from 15 pagans ($ 9) per night, but the average hotel price in all of Bulgaria is about 20 pagans ($ 13) .But if you want a hotel room at a high standard then the average room rate per night is 55 Bagan ($ 33); most hotels you can find Wi-Fi and breakfast are free of charge. Since you are a tourist and you need a lot of money in order to get a special excursion and wandering around Bulgaria, you will definitely need an economic room and this if you have a small budget and need Good quality room; also read: Varna Bulgaria resorts, beauty, tranquility and comfort Y .. the trio that every tourist is looking for, you can find this room, the average price is $ 25 per night, and it has some advantages such as: it usually comes with free Wi-Fi, and many offer a free breakfast. As for the common rooms, it is through the Airbnb website, which is a site It allows people to rent and rent accommodation, the average price of these rooms is about 20 pageants, while the rental of an entire apartment will have an average price of about 50 pegs per night.

2. Bulgarian food:

1581225090 23 Travel advice to Bulgaria .. a long history and picturesque - Travel advice to Bulgaria .. a long history and picturesque beaches!Travel tips to Bulgaria The Bulgarian cuisine may not be as famous as the rest of the international kitchens, but it does not differ much from them. The most important meals served during breakfast are panitsa, which are pastries stuffed with many types, the most famous of which is cheese and meat. If you are looking for some Arab restaurants that serve halal food, you can Going to the city center of Sofia, which is the capital of Bulgaria, to Samer, the most famous Arabic restaurant in the Bulgarian capital. But if you want to buy your groceries needs, you are expected to spend about 70 bagues per week when you visit local grocery stores and buy products such as: pasta, For vegetables, chicken and other basic foodstuffs.

3. Movement from the capital of Bulgaria to the rest of the cities:

When traveling across the country, choosing trains instead of buses will be the cheapest and slowest way to get from one city to another in Bulgaria. For example: the cost of a train ride from Sofia to Burgas is only about 11 Bagn, but this trip can take 7-11 hours and that Depending on the type of train and your façade, this will be very difficult for tourists, especially if the trip duration is short. Do not think that you will be able to do anything during this period, unless they sleep on the train كن But when traveling by bus, the same flight costs (i.e. the same distance) will cost you About 28 pnoln, but taking the bus will only take you about 5 hours and variation Certainly obvious. It is preferred that the capital of Bulgaria is your center so that you can move around the country where you will find buses moving every hour from Sofia Station in order to transport people to the rest of the tide. And the bus trip from Sofia to Varna is 32 Bagn, to Plovdiv will cost you 14 Bagn And, to Veliko Tarnovo district, it will cost you 22 Bagan. Another option is taxis whose price starts from about 1 Bagan and it is a reasonable way to get around within one city and not move through the whole of Bulgaria! Read also: Shopping in Bulgaria .. Higher quality, less expensive and no entertainment Limits him

4. Activities:

One of the most important features of the State of Bulgaria is its low costs compared to the rest of the tourist countries; where you can visit museums or enjoy the famous tourist attractions or even visit the picturesque beaches on the Black Sea and do various activities with prices ranging from 7-18 Bagn.

5. Expected daily budget:

One of the most important tips for traveling to Bulgaria is to think about the proposed daily budget, which will range between 65 – 85 leva (Begin / 35-45 USD) (Note: This proposed budget is assuming that you live in a hostel, eat little food and cook or eat most meals. In an average-cost restaurant, you try to reduce transportation usage but surely you can lower this number and you can make it more expensive).

6. Avoid sunny beaches:

1581225090 337 Travel advice to Bulgaria .. a long history and picturesque - Travel advice to Bulgaria .. a long history and picturesque beaches!Travel advice to BulgariaThe experience of visiting the beaches may be a little disappointing for everyone if they are local residents or tourists! This is due to the fact that the Bulgarian beaches are very expensive and very sunny and crowded throughout and not at the required level. These beaches may be good but this was from a long time and now You have to know that you will not find a place to put your towel on, so you should expect that your visit to the beach will be full of trouble unless you choose a relatively crowded beach.

7. Traveling in winter will definitely be better! :

The winters in Bulgaria extend from June to September and these are the best months to visit Bulgaria and therefore due to the summer in Bulgaria you will find a large flow of tourists with difficult weather that may make your trip just a bother! The flights will be very expensive in the summer, as well as the cost of accommodation That is also high during this period. Therefore winter is the ideal time to travel especially if you are on a certain budget and do not want to skip it and at the same time you want to enjoy your time visiting destinations that are less crowded in the winter period, with many scenic views in addition to an excellent skiing opportunity in Snow but I must You should avoid the Christmas season as it is also a popular time for tourists to visit Bulgaria.

8. Leave some tipping:

Don’t forget to leave the tip! The rules differ from one country to another, as there are countries that do not accept tipping and other countries, it is necessary to pay the tipping. Therefore, if you are in a restaurant, it is better to pay 10% of the price of the bill as a tipping, but when you take a taxi you do not need to pay tipping because the driver will take his tipping By himself ! 🙂


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