Today, we offer you travel advice to Germany that brought together culture, art and distinctive tourist attractions in addition to its picturesque nature and its beautiful temperate atmosphere, to occupy the seventh place in the world in terms of tourism activities. And it is considered an honorable tourist destination for European countries, given what it contains Beautiful tourist cities, foremost of which is the capital “Berlin”, and the Arab Travelers website provides travel advice to Germany, to ensure a pleasant trip.

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Travel advice to Germany

Be sure to own these items before traveling to Germany

Be sure to own these items before traveling to Germany.Be sure to own these things before traveling to Germany..Read also: Cheap markets in Germany..Do not worry about your budget! We are one of the most important trips to travel to Germany are those things that you must be keen to acquire before you travel to Germany to enjoy spending a special trip in different German cities For example, you should choose a comfortable shoe and bear the hiking and walking around the cobbled streets of Germany, in addition to heavy clothes and hats that protect you from the cold cold there. Germany is a beautiful country, but the weather is very cold during the winter season, and make sure that you have cash with you constantly because bank cards will not help you except Germany tour through the streets, it is important to learn some English words to make it easier to deal with the Germans, who can speak out, despite the fact that the German language is the mother tongue.

The weather in Germany ..

The weather in Germany ..
The weather in Germany..Germany climate is characterized by severe cold during the winter and the heavy rain loads of snow, in addition to thunderstorms, and the highest temperatures are recorded during December and January, and it reaches 5 below zero, and it is never advised to travel to it at this time for the purpose of tourism As for the spring, it is characterized by mild and sunny weather, where greenery is covered with gardens, and the rate of rain falls significantly, and it extends from March to May, and soon the summer arrives and records the highest temperatures, reaching 27%, and rarely exceeds 30 degrees Celsius and high humidity levels in this Timing, Wei Fog has darkened the country by autumn and temperatures range from 1 ° C to 19 ° C.

The right time to travel to Germany.

Travel advice to Germany, recommends you to visit Germany during the spring, where the beautiful mild weather, as well as the summer during the period from March to September and before entering the autumn to escape from fog and moisture, and stay away from it during the winter to avoid rain laden with snow and thunderstorms that hinder you from enjoying The beauty of different German cities.

Your stay in Germany..and get the lowest prices for hotels …

Your stay in Germany..and get the lowest prices for hotels ...Your stay in Germany..and getting the lowest prices for hotels … rest assured, dear tourist, the prices of hotels in Germany at your fingertips, and we advise you to book your room in one of the capital’s hotels in Berlin, where the best service and the lowest price. Among the most important hotels there is the Amstel House Hotel, which costs you only $ 15 per night, and it is close to the Zoo in Berlin, and provides amenities and luxury with free internet and games for children, as well as the Main Station Hotel. It includes 32 rooms and features spacious rooms with curtains Beautiful and comfortable offices and cost $ 20 per night, the Chic Inn Berlin hotel, and cost $ 15, and includes the same features as the previous hotels, and the Happy Bed Hostel at a cost of $ 15 and provides you with meals in its own restaurant in addition to free internet. Read also: the most beautiful villages of the German countryside … tour On your own and discover it

In Germany, you are on a date with the most delicious food and drinks

In Germany, you are on a date with the most delicious food and drinks In are on a date with the most delicious cuisine and the most delicious drinksTips for traveling to Germany..You are lucky to try out the taste of German cuisine, which varies between eastern and western dishes, you find German pancake cooked with delicious butter, and you cannot miss going to the Syrian restaurant “Falafel” and prepares oriental foods and witnesses Very crowded, and the potato in the oven next to the roasted meat is the main dish in Germany in addition to some types of delicious cookies called “Plätzchen”, and you will also get Maultaschen and the tastiest desserts such as apple and peach pie, and you will get medium-priced snacks such as: Carrot Salad Besides bread and soup, and do not miss the delicious fish casserole and are keen to submit it to restaurants every day Aljmah.aqro also: famous dishes in Germany …. Do not forget to be addressed in your trip

How to get around in Germany..and learn about the cheapest means of transportation ..

The means of transport in Germany vary between trains, which are three types that vary in terms of speed and the price of the ticket and do not advise you to rely on them, as there are the metro and some buses, and you are dear tourist in Germany, you will not need means of transportation because the German people are passionate about hiking and will go to political places and commercial centers on foot, especially as they Close to each other, and if there is an urgent need for transportation, it is possible to rent a car that saves you more effort and time that you will waste by traditional transportation.

And you can’t miss going to these places once you arrive in Germany.

And you can't miss going to these places once you arrive in Germany.And do not miss to go to these places as soon as you arrive Germany..Travel tips for Germany, we recommend that you do not waste your time, as soon as you put your bags in the room visit the German capital of beauty and magic “Berlin”, and includes the most prominent museums, castles and monuments, and on your way you will find many lakes With a breathtaking view, including: Lake Episi, Lake Kimzi, and Neuschwanstein Palace, where archaeological artifacts and enjoy the beauty of water and nature on the island of Borkum, Rugen Island and the Loreley Mountains overlooking the River Rhine, and if you need more recreation, go to the national park, and can climb mountains there and go hiking Al-Marri A nerve.

Travel advice to Germany that guarantees you to spend a special trip in German cities

Respect the privacy of the German citizen, because he hates interfering in his affairs, and if you try to do so, you will expose yourself to ridicule and criticism. Do not miss to be an honorable destination for your country and refrain from doing any foolish behavior that hurts her, for example, do not quarrel with German sellers in small stalls and do not follow a style “Al-Faisal” in the shops. – Rest assured the transportation in Germany is cheap and comfortable and you do not need to rent a private car that costs you much. – Do not search for shops after eight in the evening as you start closing their doors early at six in the evening, and also avoid shopping on Sunday and you can get your food One of the small stalls on the holidays Uncle and stores. – Be disciplined when meeting a German friend for dinner, for example, because the Germans are serious and regular in everything. – Be as serious as possible and refrain from talking to safety in “banalities”, so talk to them on issues of economy and politics. – To enjoy a special time in cities German go to it in the spring month and stay away from the winter season where the rain loads of snow.

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