Travel advice to India … one trip is not enough to get to know its cities and civilization

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The multiplicity of cultures, religions, languages, food and fashion in the Indian peninsula is the main reason why it has become one of the most popular destinations for all travelers and travelers, especially that all regions have agreed to cordially and welcome their people to visitors and provide assistance and have a sense of humor and humor and enjoy good hospitality despite the spread of a large number of disadvantages, most notably Beggars, noise, gossip and love of questions, so we offer you the most basic rules of travel advice to India for a fun trip without experiencing problems.

Travel advice to India

Preparations to travel to India

When traveling to any foreign country that needs an entry visa, and to obtain the Indian visa, an application must be submitted to the Indian embassy with the necessary documents, as it allows visiting India for a period not exceeding 3 months.

Spending in India

India is one of the least expensive countries where products are available at cheap prices compared to other countries, and one of the travel advice to India is not to carry yourself the hardship of carrying luggage and arranging it, so all your needs will be found there at a lower price starting from books, clothes, cosmetics and electronic devices such as memory cards, batteries and mobile phones in addition to Food. Medicines are also available in pharmacies. You can buy the medicine according to your need instead of the whole package. However, you must carry special medicines with you from your country in order not to bother to find the medicine.Travel advice to India ... one trip is not enough - Travel advice to India ... one trip is not enough to get to know its cities and civilizationSpending in India – Travel Tips to India Read also: The most beautiful tourist areas in India

Residence in India

India is a large country and its area is wide and it is difficult for visitors to get acquainted with all its features in a short period or one visit, it needs months to get to know it especially since the roads are bad and the distances from one state to another are long and need time in the wild trip, and from the tips of traveling to India; Short for each region separately so that you can take the right time to enjoy your trip and relax. You can book your hotel in India through, the website that specializes in booking continental Asia hotels, especially as it is characterized by pleasant and safe options, and know that low-priced places do not enjoy a high level of hygiene so be Be aware of your choices, and of the Egyptians A never with Aiesec travel, and I know very well that hotels in India are diverse and fit all individuals ranging from seeking entertainment and even with limited budgets.

Food in India

Indian cuisine is characterized by delicious and delicious foods and variety. There is Punjabi cuisine, Gujrati cuisine and other kitchens that are related to the culture of each state, and one of the tips to travel to India; I know that Indian food is very hot and therefore you must pave the way for your stomach gradually so do not eat hot food from the first day and try to You get used to it firstly, although it is delicious and delicious, but it is very hot, and I enjoy vegetarian food, especially since it is safer. Choose clean foods and stay away from open and better to prepare it yourself, and one of the best Indian drinks is coconut and you must drink a water of the pill that opened in front of you, As for fruits, it is best to eat fruits that need peeling, such as oranges and bananas, and make sure to wash the salad ingredients before eating them, otherwise refrain from that.1581225245 79 Travel advice to India ... one trip is not enough - Travel advice to India ... one trip is not enough to get to know its cities and civilizationFood in India – travel advice to IndiaRead also: Discover the most beautiful tourist destinations in India – trips for less than $ 100 !!

Best times to travel to India

Your choice of the Indian region that you will go to determines the best time to visit, in the case of your visit to the north-eastern region such as the city of Kashmir, the period from April to September is the occasion, and the northwest region and Mumbai; the period between May and October is the best to visit them, while preparing The period from January to March is best suited to visit Kerala and other areas of the south. One of the travel advice to India is to try to go to it from November to February, which is the period of the cold dry season, especially as both Varanasi, New Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan are Its weather is suitable during this th During the period in central India, Goa is suitable during this period of the year.1581225245 698 Travel advice to India ... one trip is not enough - Travel advice to India ... one trip is not enough to get to know its cities and civilizationBest times to travel to India – travel advice to India

Entertainment in India

The area of ​​India is the seventh in the world; therefore, we choose for you the most important cities whose visit is the most important and the most comprehensive of the diverse cultures of India, the most important of which is the capital, New Delhi, “Miniature India” because of its prosperity in the fields of education, entertainment, arts, fashion, scientific research and information, and do not forget to visit “ The Taj Mahal ”in the city of Agra, which is one of the most prominent landmarks and most famous. The second city; the city of Bangalore in the state of Karnataka, which is a commercial city that attracts a large number of tourists, and is characterized by tall trees lining the city’s streets and therefore called the Garden City, and has many parks and cinema complexes For old streets and entertainment, Kashmir is one of the distinctive destinations in India, the most beautiful and absolutely attractive, especially in winter, due to the snowfall of the Srinagar region, which enables them to ski, Gulmarg is the most prominent place that organizes winter games in Kashmir, and Kerala state in the south western region includes 5 coastal coastal cities that overlook On the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea and dotted with mountains, water canals and tropical forests. While the old neighborhoods and buildings of a historical nature are one of the most important attractions in the city of “Mumbai”, the largest Indian city, it is one of the most beautiful Indian cities as it is the center of the industry Evzion Indian cinema “Bollywood”, while the city attracts “Goa” India’s western province Konkan visitors even though it is smaller Indian cities green nature throughout the year, and includes the most beautiful beaches and green areas faces moderate and palm.1581225245 75 Travel advice to India ... one trip is not enough - Travel advice to India ... one trip is not enough to get to know its cities and civilizationEntertainment in India – Travel Tips to IndiaRead also: Tourism in Kerala, India … a breathtaking natural beauty

Language and religion in India

Despite the diversity and diversity of the Indian languages, the Indian language is the official language throughout the country, and the English language is the second language in India, and then the local languages ​​such as Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil, Swahili and Bengali come along with Urdu. The Hindu religion is the official religion of India and includes a Muslim and Christian minority. And other Sikhism, along with a large number of religions, and one of the tips for traveling to India. Respect the customs and traditions of the owners of each religion so that they are not exposed to problems in India and do not participate in championing one category over another. The Indian people are famous for their religious fanaticism, and make sure to take off For shoes when you enter the holy places and wear modest clothing close to the clothes of the people of the country so that you do not find them staring at you if you wear a miniskirt or pants.1581225245 419 Travel advice to India ... one trip is not enough - Travel advice to India ... one trip is not enough to get to know its cities and civilizationLanguage and religion in India – travel advice to India

Culture in India

Legendary forts and palaces are spread all over India, dancing, music, textile, handicrafts, silk and wildlife despite the spread of poverty. They welcome their visitors with endless magic and a wide chest, so always try to focus on the positive and stay away from negatives.1581225245 997 Travel advice to India ... one trip is not enough - Travel advice to India ... one trip is not enough to get to know its cities and civilizationCulture in India – travel advice to India

Your health in India

One of the most important tips for traveling to India is to never drink tap water, and rely on bottled water carefully and carefully wrapped, and make sure to close it tightly and it has not opened before, and wipe the cup of water well before using it. Know that India is full of epidemics and diseases and therefore you must be Ready for some medicines while you travel to them, most notably laxatives and abdominal pain relievers for the stomach and stomach, especially those specialized in stopping their disorders, and you can buy them at reasonable prices from India in case of need, and you must obtain the hepatitis vaccination, tuberculosis and tetanus if you did not get it before that And, you must make a procedure Comprehensive medical examination after Aotk.

General advice in India

The Indian people love their country with everything in it and therefore avoid criticizing India while you are in it and be patient, especially in the event of a late train or transportation means because screaming and criticism will not solve the problem, delaying the appointment in India is a common thing so do not be afraid in the event of congestion of the road and your arrival late for your appointment, and accept Cultural differences between individuals is considered one of the third world countries in spite of the progress of its economy.


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