Travel advice to Lisbon … Tourism in one of the safest cities in the world!

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Travel advice to Lisbon .. When you consider traveling to any city in the state of Portugal, the last thing that will concern you is worrying about theft or fear for your safety, as the city of Lisbon is considered one of the safest cities in the world; this city is full of history and culture, You deserve to spend at least a whole week in it so that you can walk around and see everything that you should not miss there! Here are some tips that will help you plan your trip well.

Travel advice to Lisbon:

1. Residence in Lisbon:

Travel advice to Lisbon ... Tourism in one of the - Travel advice to Lisbon ... Tourism in one of the safest cities in the world!If you are committed to a tight budget, we recommend you to stay at the Lisbon Poets Hostel, a great place located near all the main tourist areas of the city that you will want to see while you are in Lisbon. The 24-hour Lisbon Poets Hotel is located in Chiado. The hotel is characterized by its cleanliness and wonderful decoration, and you can find common rooms with two beds, but you can definitely choose a private room and all these rooms at reasonable prices. City and you can stroll and th Find the right hotel for you as you will find many hotels and hostels. Read also: The best beaches of Lisbon

2. Food and Beverages:

1581225237 535 Travel advice to Lisbon ... Tourism in one of the - Travel advice to Lisbon ... Tourism in one of the safest cities in the world!Travel Tips to Lisbon In the major tourist areas you can find many tourist restaurants, but you will not be in the same taste as the food you will find in the side streets and in local restaurants; you can also find street vendors who sell delicious sweets and pies and you will definitely want to try it, and after eating you if You would like to have a special drink so you should go to Café Luso (you can also find distinct menus there), you will definitely enjoy your time eating your food or drink with an amazing atmosphere of Portuguese atmosphere with great songs and performances.

3. Good time to visit Lisbon:

One of the most important travel advice to Barcelona is the time to go there without the weather hindering you to enjoy your time; you can visit Lisbon between March and October to visit Lisbon where you will find warm weather and just as the warm weather continues for half a year in Portugal, but the time we do not advise you Going during July and August is due to the high temperatures that will prevent you from roaming, in addition to the high prices of goods and housing at this time. But June and September are the best months to be in Lisbon as June is the official month for celebrations in the streets of Lisbon, in addition To the party Musical, which is being held in the open air, which is held almost every day in the month of September it is considered one of the best months of the visit because of the wonderful and perfect weather to visit the beaches where the golden sands and the crowds strips Alsaahih.aqro also: the most important tourist attractions in Portugal

4. Navigating the streets of Lisbon:

1581225237 243 Travel advice to Lisbon ... Tourism in one of the - Travel advice to Lisbon ... Tourism in one of the safest cities in the world!Travel Tips to LisbonWalking in Barcelona can be the best way to explore this picturesque city, as the city is full of hidden gems on its walls, which will surprise you at every turn in addition to stunning views and you will enjoy this part if you are in the city center; all of this you will only enjoy By walking. Public transportation is pretty good with amenities but not excellent; and for metro, tram, bus and train rides you will need a reusable VivaViagem card. This card is an easy and fast way to pay when riding a public transport in Lisbon and once and Lisbon and you can go to the nearest train station and find the ticket machine and get a card that will help you in many long-haul flights.

5. Expected budget for your basic requirements:

Public transportation: The cost of the VivaViagem card is about 0,50 € but if you want the premium card it will be 1,45 €; since a tourist wants to wander around the city you will need to get this card upon your arrival. Dining: the regular menu in any restaurant A local will cost you between 7 and 9 euros (includes main course + syrup + dessert); for dinner the prices will start from 30-35 euros for a full dinner for two people. Water: If you are visiting Lisbon during the summer you will definitely need a lot of water bottles which It will cost you 0,20 € for a large bottle of water (1.5 liters) and this price at your local supermarket Accommodation prices have risen significantly recently and the price of private rooms has become 30/35 € per night; but you can certainly find the right prices for you via this proposed list of the best hotels at the right price and compared to Lisbon with the capitals of other European countries you will find Lisbon very cheap; where if you visit Lisbon With a group of acquaintances, you have divided the costs on you, so you have to spend at least 60 euros per day, which includes accommodation, food, and visits to tourist areas; and this price can be greater or less, and this is according to your concern. Read also: the most delicious Portuguese food that can be tasted

Some helpful tips for you in Lisbon:

Avoid taking a taxi, especially if you have just arrived in Lisbon where you will be surprised by the attempt to defraud you and raise the fare of your arrival in the city center, so it is preferable to use public transportation. If you are on a side street and someone offers you to buy drugs, do not worry because this is a bit normal In European countries, all you have to do is move your way and do not look behind you. Start a Portuguese style day by having a cup of coffee with a tarte dish in any café or pastry shop, and repeat that after lunch and dinner if you want to (you have to give up your diet during You are in Lisbon, olives, cheese and bread Things that do not come free in restaurants, on the contrary, will be at an exaggerated price, so you have to explain to the waiter that you do not want any of them. Tipping is completely optional and you do not need to pay unless you think you have received a service much greater than you expect.


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