The experience of traveling to Europe is one of the most wonderful experiences one might experience in his life, especially if it is a tourist travel trip in the winter season.

Between low-cost flights to Europe with Ryanair, beautiful European hotels that do not have elevators and the elegant locals, you will find that traveling in Europe in the heart of winter is a good challenge. You want to pack a few travel bags during Your trip doesn’t even hinder your freedom while traveling and you also want to pack enough clothes to make you feel warm as if this doesn’t seem difficult enough, you also have to choose clothes that keep you warm and also make you look good.

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Those who plan to Europe for the first time in the winter season will find it really difficult to choose what clothes to carry with them in their travel bags, especially those from countries with a tropical climate who do not familiarize themselves with frost and white snow that covers Europe during the winter season, these people do not know much about European winter It is very cold and they may not have passed through very cold winters, so they will be affected by the coldness of the weather more than others, so that you can solve the difficult dilemma of traveling in Europe in the heart of winter: elegant clothes that keep you warm + light luggage …

Be sure to follow these tips that will get you to pack your trip to Europe in the winter just like the professionals:

Make sure to bundle your basic set of items:

There is a group of basic purposes that you will find in the luggage of everyone during travel trips, whether they are summer or winter travel trips or at any time throughout the year. Among these things are underwear, your wallet, sleepwear and the like, always make sure not to forget to pack These items are in your travel bag.

Don’t forget to cut additional clothing:

It means cutting the clothes that you do not wear alone, but in addition to cutting other clothes, the additional pieces of clothes are of great importance during travel trips to Europe, especially during the winter season, because they will give you the warmth that you will need without having to wear piles of clothes in a desire to get Keep warm, for example, you can wear a tight shirt under the shirt and the jacket you will wear and you will get additional warmth you did not expect to get from a small piece of clothing like this.

Useful pieces of clothes also include inner pants or stretch pants, which you can wear under ordinary pants or under the skirt or dress in the case of women, do not forget to pack them in your travel bag, especially if you are thinking about traveling to southern Europe where there is no advanced heating system Inside some of the hotels and establishments there.

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Replace some of the bulky items with smaller ones:

Bulky or bulging jackets are among the very elegant pieces of clothing and can be worn with many other clothes, especially jeans, but unfortunately they occupy a large portion of what is needed in your bag space and therefore you cannot carry a lot of them inside your travel bag, only carry one large of jackets Bulging, keep in mind that you can exchange every single huge jacket with three (or even four) shirts or blouses that you usually wear and a regular winter jacket or jacket or two knitted wool-blazer jackets.

Don’t forget the black clothes:

Black clothes are very elegant and easy to wear with a lot of other clothes and they never seem so dirty even if they are, so it would be good if you pack some black clothes while traveling to Europe, you can for example pack elegant black pants inside your luggage where you can wear it with A stylish shirt for a great casual look and can be worn with a stylish jacket with buttons for a great evening / formal look, and in the case of women you can wear it with an elegant silk blouse or elegant jacket to get a beautiful evening look if you decide to dine in a restaurant.

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Replace regular shoes with long winter shoes:

It is preferable to replace the large numbers of your regular shoes with one elegant long boots to carry with you during your winter trip to Europe, you can carry another shoe with you if this will make you feel comfortable but often you only need one shoe in your winter trip to Europe.

Why long boots?

The boots are easy to take off and put on while searching at the airport (travel friendly).

Boots are the same as athletic shoes in that they can be worn with just about everything (fit for good looks and fashion).

You can walk for hours with long boots without feeling pain in your feet (comfortable and easy to move).

Winter long boots give you more warmth than normal shoes and sneakers (give you the warmth you need).

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Don’t forget lightweight winter socks:

Long winter shoes alone will not give you all the warmth you need, you must wear a pair of winter socks with them, but be sure to pack lightweight winter socks and not heavy winter socks that take up more space than the travel bag, you can carry 3-4 pairs with you From light winter socks.

Don’t forget to cut out the winter accessory:

They are accessories that will help you get more warm and keep you warm, most important of which are hats, gloves, scarves and long socks (in the case of women and girls).

Don’t forget about the coat:

In the coldest weather, you can always wear a coat over your multi-layer clothes to get an elegant multi-layer look that helps you stay warm, Tips for choosing a travel winter coat:

Choose a coat that fits with the coldest tourist destination in the country you plan to travel to.

Choose a waterproof coat and do not waste extra space in your travel bag in addition of an additional rain jacket.

Choose a long, wide coat that is easy to put on under layers of clothing.

If you are planning to go to very cold areas (Swiss Alps, Helsinki Moscow …).

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In the end:

In the end, do not forget to carry the moisturizing cream in your bag, which is one of the essential products that will help protect your skin during the very cold weather.

Tips to help you stay in style while traveling to Europe
Tips to help you stay in style while traveling to Europe

Don't forget to cut the extra clothes
Don’t forget to cut the extra clothes

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Your trip to Europe

Replace regular shoes with long winter shoes
Replace regular shoes with long winter shoes

Make sure to bundle your essentials
Make sure to bundle your essentials

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