Travel advice to Pattaya … To see the oddities and jokes of the city that we can call the city of “crocodiles”, it has hundreds of crocodiles and elephants, and can also be classified as a city of magic and beauty, where the beaches and scenic views, and Pattaya occupies a distinguished location on the northern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, which makes the weather moderate throughout Days of the year, Arab travelers give you travel advice to Pattaya, to enjoy a special adventure-filled trip …

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Travel advice to Pattaya

Learn about the weather in Pattaya.

Know the weather in Pattaya ...Know the … The weather situation in Pattaya … Pattaya is characterized by mild weather throughout the year, and its climate is characterized by being tropical, so it is warm during the winter and temperatures do not drop at large rates, and the spring is classified as the best as the city is adorned with green, and witnesses high temperatures and the emergence of Humidity by summer and autumn without a significant increase in temperature, with a maximum temperature of 31 ° C. Read also: The best tourist places in Pattaya

The right time to travel to Pattaya …

Travel Tips to Pattaya..You recommend you to visit the city of Pattaya during the period between winter and spring, specifically from November to April, and in general you enjoy a moderate climate throughout the year and you can travel to it at any time, if you love rain, go to it in a season winter.

Your stay in Pattaya..The best and cheapest hotel prices …

Your stay in Pattaya..The best and cheapest hotel rates ...
Your stay in Pattaya..and the best and cheapest hotel prices … Pattaya includes a group of the best hotels in the world, and it is distinguished by its average prices, on top of which is the Bayview Pattaya Hotel The prices start from 420 riyals 115 dollars, and it is loved by tourists because it provides them with all the means of entertainment and leisure from bathrooms Swimming pool, tennis court, room and at the highest level, it also provides free internet service and adorns the most beautiful furnishings and offers its restaurants the most delicious food at unpricified prices like the rest of the hotels, and it will be among your options “” Tropicana Hotel starts from 350 riyals 95 dollars, and provides massage services and free internet, and is located next to Beach Pattaya, you can complete With the beauty of beautiful scenery at sunset, you will also enjoy dinner in the romantic atmosphere and charming views of the sea, and the same is the case for the “Sunshine Vista” hotel starts from 262 SAR 70 dollars, and is located in the city center, and gives you a sense of familiarity and being in your home providing all the amenities and safety It houses the best restaurants and fitness centers.

Learn about the best foods in Pattaya … and the best and cheapest prices for restaurants ..

Learn about the best foods in Pattaya ... and the best and cheapest prices for restaurants ..Learn about the most delicious foods in Pattaya … and the best and cheapest prices for restaurants..the advice for travel to Pattaya, recommends that you need to choose a medium-cost restaurant and away from luxury restaurants, then Pattaya has a group of the best restaurants with low prices, and on top of them, seafood restaurants such as: joii sea restaurant Food restaurent is distinguished by its great taste and low prices. There is also the famous restaurant in the city that is popular with tourists, “Nang Nual” but it is very expensive, and you cannot miss eating the best seafood in the most famous restaurant specializing in seafood located on Jomtien Beach Street and it is distinguished by its distinctive features and its cheap prices, and you will enjoy In a romantic atmosphere while ten Owl for food, all restaurants look to the sea.

How to get around in Pattaya … the best and cheapest means of transportation ..

How to get around in Pattaya ... the best and cheapest means of transportation ..How to travel in Pattaya .. The best and cheapest means of transportation..Travel tips for traveling to Pattaya, recommends that you rely on motorbikes as the best and fastest way to travel between tourist places as they are low-cost, and you can also rely on buses, which is the primary means of transportation and is distinguished by the blue color and its cost is low, and when you Touring the beaches, you can count on the beach bus, but it is very expensive, and then taxis come, and be sure to make sure that the meter is present and agree to the rent in advance, and we do not advise you to rely on it for its high cost, and also avoid renting a car to avoid falling in violation Traffic.

The pleasure of shopping..Cheaper and better malls ..

The pleasure of shopping..Cheaper and better malls ..The pleasure of shopping..Cheaper and best malls..Travel tips for Pattaya, recommends that you be careful when touring the wonderful Pattaya markets that tourists are attracted to, and abound in a wonderful selection of shops that provide you with the most beautiful souvenirs, goods and cheap clothes “made in China”, and to get the best Brands and sportswear Head to Avenue Center, Royal Garden Plaza complex, and you cannot miss seeing the red plane there and it includes a group of the best restaurants and shops, and enjoy shopping in Pattaya Floating Market, and street vendors provide you with beach and cheap goods from sportswear and Seo Samurai P. Read also: Popular and cheap markets in Pattaya

Don’t miss to do these activities to enjoy the beauty of Pattaya …

Don't miss to do these activities to enjoy the beauty of Pattaya ...Do not miss to do these activities to enjoy the beauty of Pattaya … – Enjoy the charming nightlife and evening shows of the Angkran at the ancient theater that seats more than 2000 spectators, to see the cultural heritage of Thailand, see the paintings of the most famous artists, and enjoy dinner in the finest restaurants there .– Don’t miss going to Crocodile Garden has a million years, attracting millions of tourists to Pattaya and is keen to take memorial photos with hundreds of crocodiles there, and know the quality of its food and livelihood, and if you are from weak hearts do not see the brave display of the crocodile coach there .– Enjoy the breathtaking views of the neighborhood Gardens and tropical trees up to 100 years old, take memorial photos with charming rocks dating back to the stone ages. – Visit the animal farm, see the beauty of fossilized trees there, and take pictures that embody terrifying moments with predators. – Go to Ripley’s Theme Park, To see a statue of the tallest man in the world, more than 300 strange antiquities in the antiquities museums there, and to see the strangest shapes of shrinking heads and a six-legged cow. -If you are a fan of adventure then go to the royal garden where the laser lounge and the use of the gun and declaring war on your friends and relatives And live the spirit of adventure as if you were in a real war .– Discover the beauty of Thai industry through the “sanctuary of truth” structure, which was made of wood, and wandered in the floating Pattaya Market inside one of the floating structures there. – You may not go to Pattaya nor experience the pleasure of riding elephants in a village Elephant, take souvenir photos, go to the Ripley Museum and specialize in displaying all that is unfamiliar, and includes more than 300 Western exhibits. Read also: Bangkok night market | Shop at any time

Travel tips to Pattaya..and your guide for a special trip …

Travel tips to Pattaya..and your guide for a special trip ...Travel tips to Pattaya..and your guide to take a special trip … – Don’t forget to bring your own medicine, to save savings and preserve your life from any health misfortune you may go through.- Go on a deep sea tour to discover fish and secrets of aquatic life, and then enjoy taking pictures with The tigers are in the Pattaya Tigers Garden .– Book your place of residence before traveling to Pattaya, and pick the best and cheapest prices to save money to spend on visiting as many attractions as possible .– Pattaya is a safe country but be careful in crowded places and don’t carry much money in the markets. – Pattaya market is characterized by low prices, so avoid going To the big malls, and practicing the hobby of separation, merchants allow this .– Pattaya is a country that respects the law, so be a honorable destination for your country and do not penetrate the customs, traditions and laws that regulate life in the town .– Beware fines for hygiene, do not act as stupid as throwing food and drink waste or even punishment Cigarettes on the streets and parks, so it costs you 2000 baht, and you cannot avoid paying the value of the fine. Overflow E even if one day you will expose yourself to legal accountability, imprisonment, and then deportation. – The people of Thailand love the system, do not penetrate the laws, for example, you cannot smoke in closed places such as shops and transportation. – stay away from driving in Pattaya streets, they have strict traffic laws, and any error will expose you to fine, and when Your taxi ride is agreed in advance, to avoid drivers’ greed.

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