Travel advice to Phuket .. to see the “island of dreams” .. and your guide for a fun trip ..

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Travel advice to Phuket .. If you want to visit the island of your dreams, you should definitely visit Phuket where the picturesque beaches and charming tropical islands and if you arrange for your joy then it is the perfect place to spend a romantic honeymoon you will not forget where the beaches, waterfalls, beautiful scenery, calm atmosphere and boat rides to watch the sunset through the water Al Shafa’a, which is the first destination for tourists in Thailand, and more than 20 million visitors come to it annually..and Arab travelers give you your guide to spend an enjoyable trip …

Travel advice to Phuket

Learn about … the weather in Phuket …

Travel advice to Phuket .. to see the “island of - Travel advice to Phuket .. to see the “island of dreams” .. and your guide for a fun trip ..Learn about … the state of the weather in Phuket … Phuket is characterized by a variety of weather conditions. The rainy weather is between the period from May to October and the rain may fall for a few hours and the cold weather from November to February and the maximum temperature reaches 30 degrees Celsius, while the hot weather is in the period From March to May, as the temperature rises and humidity increases.

The right time to visit Phuket …

Travel advice to Phuket. It recommends that you visit Phuket from October to February because Phuket has a tropical weather characterized by warmth and humidity. The summers are hot and it is the period from March to May, so the number of tourists decreases, while winter in the period from October to February is the best month of the year and at this time Tourist activity increases, the maximum height of degrees is around 30 ° C, and it has a complete flow of waterfalls as a result of its formation after the rainy season and the flowering of the highlands. Read also: Phuket Island in Thailand | The most important tourist attractions

Your stay in Phuket … the best and cheapest hotels …

1581225195 170 Travel advice to Phuket .. to see the “island of - Travel advice to Phuket .. to see the “island of dreams” .. and your guide for a fun trip ..Your stay in Phuket … the best and cheapest hotels … travel advice to Phuket, assures you that hotel prices are at your fingertips and you have two options, where you can stay inside the city of Phuket where the authentic Thai folk atmosphere is and it appears through the traditional buildings in it, and historical and cultural monuments as can be Staying in Phuket beaches that suit different tastes such as Patong Beach is suitable for lovers of crowding, evening and shopping. As for lovers of tranquility and picturesque nature, they are suitable for example, Karon Beach hotels and those with high budgets and lovers of stars and celebrities. Surin Beach, Bangtao Beach and Mai Khao meet needs M and there are many beaches and each beach includes several hotels.

How to get around Phuket … the best and cheapest transportation …

1581225195 441 Travel advice to Phuket .. to see the “island of - Travel advice to Phuket .. to see the “island of dreams” .. and your guide for a fun trip ..How to get around in Phuket … and the best and cheapest means of transportation..Puket is characterized by the presence of many means of transportation that suit different financial capabilities. If you are a person with limited budgets, you can ride the Toktuk at low prices and transportation trucks that are used as local buses are available to transport passengers from different places because they do not You stop at fixed stations, and you can rent motorbikes and avoid driving in Phuket streets to avoid crowds and traffic fines. If the financial condition is available, you can use air-conditioned taxis, but they are expensive and preferably equipped with a meter.

The pleasure of shopping in the island of dreams “Phuket” .. and the best and cheapest shops ..

Travel advice to Phuket .. Don’t miss shopping in Dream Island to buy gifts that will remind you of this enjoyable trip especially that Phuket has many shopping places, whether malls or popular markets, it includes expensive and simple goods, so you will find that in the “Premium Outlet Phuket” mall which It is similar to an old village and when you want to watch the cinema and have dinner in one of the restaurants, you should go to Jungceylon Mall ”as well as the“ Festival Phuket Center ”and if you like to buy modern and antique furniture or want to buy valuable gifts like bronze pieces, head to the“ Plaza Surin ”Mall and brands a Well-known such as Lacoste, Bossini, Eko and others, you will find it in the “Outlet Mall”, and the “Banana Walk” mall which includes branches for the most famous international restaurants, and to buy handicrafts and textiles that express the Thai heritage, you must purchase it from handicraft stores in the old town of Phuket. Second-hand goods such as jeans, shirts, handcraft ornaments such as the weekend market in Phuket and in this market you will find local foods sold and even sellers give you free samples before purchase. Also read: Popular markets in Bukitu also: Shopping malls on Bo Island Kate

You can’t miss these activities in Phuket, “Island of Dreams” …

1581225195 444 Travel advice to Phuket .. to see the “island of - Travel advice to Phuket .. to see the “island of dreams” .. and your guide for a fun trip ..Do not miss these activities in Phuket, “Island of Dreams”… – One of the most important travel advice to Phuket .. Go to a cruise on one of the beaches of Phuket and go swimming and diving to see the coral reefs and the charming marine nature. – Enjoy watching elephants and beautiful wildlife through a trip in Phuket’s tropical islands. – charter boats and go on a cruise to watch the sunset in the water and enjoy the breathtaking views of the islands. – If you love running, Phuket’s beaches are light sands that will help you to run especially at sunset. – Don’t miss watching the Thai shows depicting heritage and culture there – Go on a safari to see the scenic views, ride elephants and take souvenir photos. – If you are a food lover, you can join the cooking classes to learn Thai cuisine. – Never miss the fun of discovering the heritage sites around Phuket and ancient temples. – Spend your day in a tent beside the beaches and watch the sunrise. , Enjoy more rest and relax with the spa treatments there.

Visit these places as soon as you arrive at “Dream Island” …

1581225195 328 Travel advice to Phuket .. to see the “island of - Travel advice to Phuket .. to see the “island of dreams” .. and your guide for a fun trip ..Visit these places as soon as you arrive “Dream Island” … Travel advice to Phuket … Dear tourist, you are lucky to be in a city like Phuket that combines the beauty of nature and the picturesque scenery of beaches, waterfalls, islands and beautiful wildlife besides that includes temples, heritage buildings and areas Recreational and therapeutic – Don’t miss going to Phuket Aquarium, which is the most amazing aquarium that contains many fish, coral and charming seascapes.

– To spend quality time playing and entertaining with the family, go to the “Phuket Children’s Club”.

– Visit the “Jungle Splash Water Park” to enjoy water games and slides of various shapes. There are activities for coloring, drawing, cutting and pasting. If you are a fan of adventure, go on a trip to “Bang Bay Waterfall” where you can ride elephants and take a fun tour there and swim in Waterfall water, in addition to many exciting activities. – Do not miss the “Ban Nah” bay that contains many wonderful caves dating back thousands of years. – To watch animals closely and play with them, you must visit “Tiger Kingdom”, as it is the first kingdom of trained tigers. In the world you can feed the Moore and dealing with it in a big way, and you can also go to the “Phuket Zoo”. – To enjoy the beauty and legacy of the archaeological areas, go to the old town where it includes historical monuments and temples as well as cafes and restaurants spread in it and go to the “Chalong” temple where the walls are decorated with murals that display the story of the life of Buddha It is one of the oldest temples in Thailand. To get acquainted with Thai culture, attend presentations that take place in the “Big Theater” in Phuket, along with “Fantasia Phuket”. It is a show that combines Thailand’s present with its great technological development, and between the heritage and the charming ancient civilization. Take pictures Go to an inverted house in Phuket, which consists of three floors. Also read: Bangkok night market

– Travel advice to Phuket for a pleasant trip on the island of dreams …

1581225195 436 Travel advice to Phuket .. to see the “island of - Travel advice to Phuket .. to see the “island of dreams” .. and your guide for a fun trip ..– Tips for traveling to Phuket to spend an enjoyable trip on the island of dreams … – Keep your savings, and you must agree to the fare with the tuktuk driver in advance. – If you installed a taxi make sure to run the meter or at least agree on the fare. – You must choose the appropriate place for your housing, there are places that do not Suitable for families. – You do not book internal tourist trips through people on the street because they will be bad trips, rather you must book trips through a specialized office. – It is advisable to book the hotel before going to Phuket. They allow this – beware of theft and avoid wandering around the market Abaya for a large amount of money.


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