Travel advice to Poland … what to do and what not to do!

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Travel advice to Poland .. Poland, as it is called the Eastern European crown, is a land full of legends and history, where charming cities and the Baltic Sea beach attract all tourists to visit, and here are some things that every traveler must know before setting foot on the Polish land.

Travel Tips to Poland:

1. Poland can be cooler than you think! :

Travel advice to Poland ... what to do and what - Travel advice to Poland ... what to do and what not to do!Well in Poland it is a little bad news that Eastern Europe is completely covered with snow every year as this corner of the planet is very cold, but many travelers to Poland in the winter fail to prepare for how cold the weather is at this time. Poles do not live In the Arctic, but rather live in a transitional region in relation to the surrounding climate, it is very cold in winter and the weather is hot in summer. Therefore it is not preferable to visit it during the winter season, which starts from the end of November to March, and then the spring begins in April and summer from May to September, and if you like You saw it in the winter, so you have to ask yourself: Are you ready to attend a winter whose temperature is below zero? Read also: The best tourist places in Poland that make you enjoy fun and happiness

2. You can buy tickets inside the tram:

Tram ride in Polish cities can be the best way to get around while enjoying your time by visiting museums and moving around in the Polish capital Warsaw, and don’t worry about stumbling to try to get tram tickets in a crowd, all you have to do is ride the tram and you will find the ticket machine waiting for you inside So make sure you have some coins.

3. Beauty of Poland! :

1581225258 58 Travel advice to Poland ... what to do and what - Travel advice to Poland ... what to do and what not to do!Beauty of Poland! Do not forget to bring the camera with you on your trip to Poland; and one of the common mistakes that appeared on this country is that it is the warehouses and broken factories left by the war! But exactly the opposite is this historic city, which extends for more than 1200 years, you can find It has Gothic and modern masterpieces and the sparkle of the city of Rasu, in addition to the city of Gdansk, which is located on the Baltic Sea, which has many effects of the Middle Ages that make you wonder about it!

4. What food will I find in Poland?

1581225258 465 Travel advice to Poland ... what to do and what - Travel advice to Poland ... what to do and what not to do!Polish travel advice is mostly Polish meat and potatoes with a salad platter, and you can find pancakes and dishes for vegetarians, and this is what distinguishes the Polish menu, and since meat is the main dish, you can find after your request for the main course that it is pork! Therefore, you must explain to the waiter that you do not eat this type of meat. Among the most important halal restaurants located in the city of Warsaw are Maho Restaurant and Le Cedre Restaurant, Lebanese restaurants famous for serving halal food throughout the capital and you will find there are many tourists and Local people.

5. Try to learn a few words and the Poles will appreciate you (even if you stutter most of your words):

Polish is the official language in Poland, and it is also an official language of the European Union, but what is wrong with this language is the difficulty in pronouncing vowels and some language learning applications or cultural centers may help improve your pronunciation and teach you how to make a simple conversation. But the importance of learning the language is communicating with the local people, breaking the ice between you and them and not getting frustrated or upset if your pronunciation makes them laugh as laughing at others is a sign of friendship in Poland! Read also: Out of Poland where to enjoy shopping without spending a lot

6. Visiting the tourist places:

One of the most important travel advice to Poland that you should know is that the prices for entering the famous sights and various activities differ in their prices, but you can expect to pay 10-40 billion to visit most of these places. The only place you can enter for free is Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, and you may be surprised. Why would you visit this place? But this is because you do not know that this place is classified as a World Heritage Site; to visit this camp you must be coming in a group and you must hire a guide (which will give you an excellent experience), but this is if you are coming in a group Only but if you are one or two people it will cost you to rent a 40 Aln.almentzh guide: You will find more than 20 national park in the city of Warsaw will cost you visit any one of them less than 10 Elinobaltokid you will enjoy your time there!

7. How much will your budget be in Poland! :

Expected daily budget: 120 – 180 PLN ($ 30-45 USD) (Note: This proposed budget is assuming you are staying in a hostel, eating little food, cooking most meals or eating it in an average-cost restaurant, and trying to reduce the use of transportation but certainly you can Lower this number and you can make it more exaggerating.

8. Get the Tourist Card:

Some huge cities in Poland such as: Krakow provide tourists with tourist cards that give the visitor unlimited ability to ride the means of transport in addition to free entry to museums or entry with large discounts on the price of the ticket, so if you plan to see many places, be sure to go to the local tourism office and pick up one of These cards! As this card lasts for more than 3 days.

9. How will your stay in Poland be:

Travel advice to Poland ... what to do and what - Travel advice to Poland ... what to do and what not to do!There are no more hotels in Poland and you can find high-cost and low-cost hotels, and one of the most popular low-cost hotels but high quality is the Ibis Kielce Centrum which is a nice place to stay, it is a great location next to the main square, a great hotel, the staff is very helpful, and the Krolewski Hotel It overlooks the banks of the ship traffic channel that offers free Wi-Fi. You can find most hotels offer free breakfast while others allow you to cook your own food on your own. In the end you can expect that the average price of the stay will be about 95 billion per night, but if you want to rent Your own apartment on ms Wei good apartment will cost you about the whole 150 Blane per night.


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