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Portugal is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Europe as it combines the splendor of nature and the magic of history, thanks to the passage of several civilizations through it, as well as the pleasure of dining experiences.

Visitors of Portugal enjoy learning about its charming historical monuments, wandering around its picturesque nature, and trying the world-famous cafes and restaurants.

Today we get to know with you the most important advice needed before visiting Portugal on your next vacation.

Avoid high prices

Usually, prices in Portugal are high at the height of the tourist season during the summer, so it is advised to avoid visiting during July and August.

Enjoy visiting Portugal during the months of September and October to obtain mild weather, less crowded weather and lower prices.

Check places before going

Destination locations must be precisely identified and how close they are to airports and public transportation, because some destinations are very far from each other in Portugal, and some transportation does not work during weekends.

Tourist destination cards

Before arriving in Portugal, you can online get to know and buy tourist entry tickets, which provide important discounts and opportunities to ride public transport for free.

Follow the law

In Portugal, the law requires tourists to carry identity papers with them wherever they are, so we recommend that you provide copies of your identification documents, such as a passport, in your bags, while keeping the original in the hotel to keep it from being stolen.

Visit the countryside

Portugal has a very developed infrastructure and provides all the needs that tourists desire whatever it is, so you do not need to carry the needs except in the case of visiting the countryside, as some areas may lack important stores.

Visit the local areas

When visiting local areas, such as the Portuguese countryside, take a guide with you or practice the Portuguese language, as the local people in these areas are not fluent in English.

Sightseeing dates

Before visiting historical monuments, you should know the dates of the holidays, which are often on Monday, and that the visit on Sunday is free in most destinations.

Explore Portugal

Explore most of the Portuguese regions on foot in narrow cobbled alleys or mountainous areas so be sure to wear comfortable sneakers and lightweight clothing on your trip.

Travel advice to Portugal - Travel advice to Portugal
Tourism fun in Portugal

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Unique fun in Portugal

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Magic and beauty in Portugal

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Magic atmosphere in Portugal

Travel advice to Portugal - Travel advice to Portugal
Unique beauty in Portugal

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Fun atmosphere in Portugal


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