Travel advice to Rome .. a historic city!

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Travel Tips to Rome..Rome is one of the largest, richest and most famous tourist cities in the western world! It is no wonder that Rome today includes countless historical monuments, museums and more than 900 churches, which made it one of the most attractive cities for tourists around the world, so You are planning to visit the Italian capital, here are some tips that you should know before visiting Rome.

Travel advice to Rome:

Art is everywhere! :

Travel advice to Rome .. a historic city - Travel advice to Rome .. a historic city!When you visit a historic city like Rome, you will not have to search far away from the amazing art and stunning architecture where you will find it in all the streets and neighborhoods of Rome, especially in places of worship, as most of the churches of Rome are a great home to see wonderful artworks and free of charge. Rome You must book tickets early to avoid long lines. Read also: The most important tourist places in Rome

Carry a bottle of water and an umbrella:

1581225167 239 Travel advice to Rome .. a historic city - Travel advice to Rome .. a historic city!The temperature may be very high in Rome, while the water bottles are a little expensive since you will pay between 1.50 € – 2 € for one bottle! However, you can find public drinking fountains all over the city, so bring a bottle of water with you. Empty refillable and stop at any of them to fill your bottle and do not feel embarrassed when you do so it is a very normal thing

Don’t worry about tipping:

Tipping is not mandatory or expected in all European cities, unlike the United States, which will have to be paid tipping!
But it is okay if you feel you have received a good service you did not expect.

Living in Rome:

Hostel: You can expect to pay more than 13 euros per night for rooms that have 4-6 beds (a common room); if you want a private room, you will pay about 50 euros and this room will contain one bed; you must pay Double these prices in the tourist season! Hotels: If you want a two-star hotel, it will cost you about 38 euros per night and a private room will suffice for two people, but the issue of renting apartments has become popular among tourists, and Airbnb is popular with tourists and locals, where you can find common rooms that start with it. From around 13 euros a night, you can rent entire apartments for about 40 Loro per night.

Eat the food and budget required for it! :

1581225167 974 Travel advice to Rome .. a historic city - Travel advice to Rome .. a historic city!Read also: Halal restaurants in Rome With pictures of the best 8 restaurants, Italy is famous for its kitchen where fresh pasta, bread, tomatoes and pizza; the average cost of a lunch for one person is around 25 euros, but if you are in one of the famous tourist areas you will need to add about 10 euros to the average cost. Whether you want a fast meal such as pizza or Pies or snacks will cost you 5-7 euros. As for the grocery store, when you buy some pasta, vegetables, chicken, and other basic foods, it will cost you about 60 euros a week.

Mobility in Rome:

In Rome there is an extensive network of public transport such as: buses, subways and trams; one trip ticket valid for 75 minutes costs you 1.50 Euros. Taxis are very expensive (like everything in Italy 🙂), so it is best to avoid them and deal with one of Uber cars (a company Alternative to taxi) available in Rome.

Accommodation costs in Rome:

The most important thing that you must do before you travel to any place in the world is knowing the budget that you will need, and for the city of Rome you are expected to need 40-60 euros / $ 50-70 as a daily budget (note: this proposed budget is assuming that you are staying in a hostel Low cost, eat little food in local restaurants and not expensive restaurants that will raise your budget a lot, and use local transportation, and you should expect your budget to be higher if you have a schedule to visit the most famous places and take a full tour)

Stay out of the city center:

As it is known that the center of Rome is the most attractive place for tourists and most tourist areas are concentrated, but the bad part is that a very expensive living standard not to mention the restaurants that you will pay exorbitant sums for a simple meal. So it is better to have your residence outside the city center and better to be In the countryside of Rome where you can reduce the budget of your stay significantly in addition to eating outside the city much cheaper; and if you want to visit some of the tourist areas in the city center, you can take the train from the nearest train station after reserving your ticket.

Make sure to obtain one of the tourist cards:

Tourist cards are cards that provide you with access to the most popular tourist areas that you want, and this if you plan to visit many places, this card will save you a lot. You can visit this site to learn about these cards and their prices until you choose the most appropriate for you: Roma Pass Read also: The most important popular markets in Rome

Walk in Rome:

1581225167 511 Travel advice to Rome .. a historic city - Travel advice to Rome .. a historic city!Strolling in the city without restrictions is a great way to get to know Rome’s ancient history and enjoy its amazing architecture.

Best times to visit Rome:

From the beginning of June to August, you will see Rome in its busiest day, as the weather at these times is warm and tends to overheat, so it is the best time to visit Rome; but with the large number of tourists, prices will rise). November and February are the least popular months to visit Rome, so it is due to the many The rains are in these times; but despite this, Roma travelers at this time will have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the city among its indigenous people with the low prices of hotels and the vacuum of tourist places!

If you love cooking, you should try Italian cooking courses! :

You can say that food in Italy is one of the best in the world, and if you are one of the food lovers, there is no harm in taking one of the cooking courses and learning a little of their skills; the prices of these courses will vary depending on what you want to learn in Italian cuisine, but you can Expect to spend at least 25 euros.


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