If you love nature and relaxation, 1200 atolls will become your favorite destination. “Maldives” is one of the main destinations for honeymooners, so we offer you travel advice to the Maldives to enjoy a dream trip on the global islands so that you do not turn into a nightmare because of the high prices.

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Residence in the Maldives

Spread recently in the Maldives hospitality resorts intended to receive visitors at the lowest prices and the individual cost up to $ 40 with enjoyment of all entertainment and services, and is characterized by its cleanliness and the provision of comfort, safety and beauty, and one of the travel advice to the Maldives is to examine the place of residence on the ground before booking for lack of documented and accurate information about Prices and taxes that will be collected, and avoiding bookings in the capital, Mali, because they are the most expensive between the islands. One of the most important travel advice to the Maldives is to check your travel bill in the middle of the trip so that you avoid the surprise of the high cost of the trip and stay at the resort, which enables you to To control the rest of the trip and find out how much money is left for you, consult with travel agents about the best resorts, the duration of arrival at the airport, the facilities that it provides and the period of arrival. It is not recommended to book water villas for families despite the beauty of the view, as it allows you to stay between the fish and colorful reefs beside a scene Unbreakable crystal, and if you love privacy you have to consider your own private beach when booking. Read also: The most beautiful tourist resorts in the MaldivesAccommodation in the Maldives travel to maldiveislandsAccommodation in the Maldives travel to maldiveislands

Navigate to / in the Maldives

The high cost of flying to the Maldives, where it reached $ 1,300, caused it to be confined to businessmen and money owners and the reluctance of some groups to travel to it, but some airlines began to provide airline tickets to the Maldives at prices not exceeding $ 100, most notably Air Asia and Emirates Airlines, as well as You can search for the best prices before traveling to the Maldives via the Internet and flydubai is considered the cheapest at all. As for the interior, it is usually the movement in the Maldives by boat “kayak”, so we advise you to choose a resort close to the airport and owns a sea plane to move, especially that boat transport It may be Play and take a long time in the event of bad weather or water that is not clear. To avoid the occurrence of a problem that caused the loss of money as a result of delaying your flight to the airport, you must ask about the airline’s policy that you will travel with and insurance against delayed flights, especially as the transfer from some resorts to the airport It takes a long time due to the transfer policy that obliges the boat to pass two or three resorts on the way back.Travel to / in the Maldives travel to maldiveislands
Travel to / in the Maldives travel to maldiveislands

Food in the Maldives

Restaurants in Al Diyafa resorts are the perfect solution because they offer you local meals that help to provide savings as they provide delicious and delicious meals with a high level of hygiene and contain all the nutrients at prices ranging from $ 5 to $ 10, and the most important foods; in breakfast, milk, tuna and tea And juices and news, while for lunch and dinner, fresh fish are served to you. Read also: The most beautiful places in the Maldives

Additional expenses in the Maldives

Maldives are blamed for the high prices for additional needs due to the dependence on food and drinks imported from abroad, in addition to adding a tax for hotel service by 10% and a service tax of 8%, and therefore we find that the prices of water resorts 4 or 3 stars are close to the prices of 5 stars or more in places Others. ALL INCLUSIVE resorts have proliferated in recent years, but they are not the same in type or quantity, and from travel advice to the Maldives, you should know whether soft drinks and coffee are included in comprehensive services? Are there special offers for children? Are resort restaurants within the services? …

Online contact in the Maldives

Internet connection in the Maldives is elevated due to its calmness, relaxation and distance from the daily routine of life; one hour prices in some resorts reach 10 dollars, and we advise you to make sure that Wi-Fi is provided in the rooms and all over the resort.

Entertainment in the Maldives

Most visitors in the Maldives are characterized by their love for scuba diving and snorkelling, and if you are one of these sports we would like to alert you to make sure to book a resort close to the snorkelling because some of the resorts are far away and need to be pre-booked before going, and avoid staying in resorts that approach fish from their beaches so that You see if you swim a small distance, you can also book a resort that offers snorkelling lessons for beginners, and one of the travel advice to the Maldives is to plan your flight 24 hours after your last dive according to international scuba experts. Beware of hunting the whales, the law in the Maldives prohibits fishing since 2010, which It will mean you will find 3 0 A rare species of whale at a distance of 90 kilometers in the ocean of India, which preserves the ecosystem there and is considered a paradise for snorkeling and snorkelling. The most important recreational activities in the Maldives are hobby fishing and small boats for wandering, banana boats, water skiing and dolphin watching. And spa treatments, as for prices, activities in the Maldives are relatively high. As for if you love the noisy life, the Maldives is not a suitable destination for you, because it may be lacking in the Maldives, most of the resorts calm down after midnight, and with regard to tourist centers in the Maldives, they are located in Specific resorts on some islands.Entertainment in the Maldives travel to maldiveislandsEntertainment in the Maldives travel to maldiveislands

Weather in Maldives

The temperature in the Maldives ranges between 27 and 30 degrees Celsius, the weather in the Maldives varies between the coastal and land areas that extend from north to south with an area of ​​850 kilometers, and you should know that the Maldives does not enjoy the simple weather that you see, in the dry season you can witness Rainfall and clouds in the sky are among the tips of traveling to the Maldives. Do not forget to put sunscreen during the day in order not to be exposed to burning as well as wearing hats continuously and preferably take them with you from your country because they are sold at high prices in the Maldives, and try to expose the sun gradually and drink water Plenty of coconut C famous of these islands.

The best times to travel to Maldives

The period from December to February is the best time to go to the Maldives due to the decrease in rainfall and the clarity of the sky. However, this is accompanied by a rise in prices. During the period from March to April, the sky remains clear, but it is witnessing high temperatures, while the period from May through November is the largest rainfall, which leads to lower prices and lower financial costs.Best times to travel to Maldives travel to maldiveislandsThe best times to travel to Maldives travel to maldiveislands Travel Tips to Maldives

Your clothes in the Maldives

Because of the sandy nature, it is difficult for you to use high heels and therefore we advise you to carry a lot of flat shoes, casual clothes are essential in the Maldives even while you are heading to a luxurious dinner, dresses and formal suits do not exist there. You can climb to the house and leave many shoes because they are flat and the height of the islands does not exceed 1.8 meters, and to enjoy more on the trip take a water-proof camera, GoPro and protect your mobile phone from water for the most important moments, the best moments and landscapes.

ATM in the Maldives

It is difficult for you to find an ATM machine in the Maldives with the exception of the capital Male, so you must make sure that you have cash with you so that you do not have to travel to Mali, which is an expensive and stressful trip.

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