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Travel advice to the Netherlands .. When most people think of visiting the Netherlands, the first thing that comes to mind is the city of Amsterdam with its red lights, historic streets and picturesque tulips. Not only that, as the Netherlands enjoys nice beaches and vast farmland with windmills. Most of the tourists They come to the Netherlands and visit Amsterdam for a few days and spend the rest of the trip in the rest of the Netherlands. Here are some travel advice to the Netherlands that will help you make a trip that you keep as a special memory.

Travel advice to the Netherlands:

Your stay in the Netherlands:

Travel advice to the Netherlands ... for a fun trip - Travel advice to the Netherlands ... for a fun trip before you travelThe cost of the hostel usually ranges between 15-30 euros per night, and that is only for a bedroom sufficient for four or more people with a special bed for each of them; this housing will be appropriate if you are on a trip with your friends and you need to save some money. But if you want to stay in A popular hostel with a good reputation is located in the center of Amsterdam, it will cost you about 45 euros (a bit exaggerated price). You can find private rooms in hostels and it will cost you about 60-80 euros (expect to pay more in Amsterdam); for To stay in hotels, I think you should search for budget hotels and the cost of staying in these hotels is 50-60 euros per night The price includes free Wi-Fi and a private bathroom (expect to pay more in Amsterdam or during the peak tourist season). Also read: The cost of tourism in the Netherlands ..

Traveling in the Netherlands:

1581225573 984 Travel advice to the Netherlands ... for a fun trip - Travel advice to the Netherlands ... for a fun trip before you travelYou can find all kinds of transportation in the Netherlands, the most famous of which is the train because of the cheap price, as it will cost you between 12-30 euros to travel in the cities of the Netherlands; if the distance is short, the cost can be less than 5 euros. And if you want to go from Amsterdam to Rotterdam by train The cost will be 26 euros and the journey will take 40 minutes. From Amsterdam to The Hague by train, the cost will be 7 euros in 50 minutes. Bicycles may be the main means of transportation for most of the locals and tourists due to the flat streets and suitable for that, you can rent bikes starting from about 10 euros a day (but there are no places to let in Take bikes, so you should ask first). Traveling around the city by train will be very cheap, as it will cost you around 3 euros. Note: It is advisable to avoid taxis because the fares near you will be very expensive!

Are you a museum fan? You will definitely get a tourist museum card:

The Museum Card is one of the most popular tourist cards in the Netherlands and it gives you an opportunity to visit museums in Amsterdam and abroad for a whole month with huge discounts of only 59 euros. With the Museum Card, you can access 32 museums in Amsterdam and more than 400 museums throughout the Netherlands. This card will benefit you if you intend to travel around the Netherlands, and this is a must! You can get your card through this site: Museum Card for tourists Read also: Cheap markets in the Netherlands .. Cheap prices to suit all migrants!

Netherlands festivals! :

1581225573 570 Travel advice to the Netherlands ... for a fun trip - Travel advice to the Netherlands ... for a fun trip before you travelThe New Year’s Festival in Holland The Netherlands is famous for the festive festivals that take place in the summer and attract a large number of viewers, where everyone goes out to enjoy these celebrations. Among the most famous celebrations is the New Year’s festival that is held throughout the Netherlands and the city of The Hague is famous for this celebration. But if you want to buy a drink or snack during the festival, expect it to be more expensive than normal days.

Netherlands activities:

Visiting museums: You can find many ancient museums in the Netherlands and the entrance ticket costs 20 euros per person (the price varies according to the museum’s reputation and number of visitors). Biking: It is one of the most popular activities throughout the Netherlands The country covers more than 20,000 km path Private for cyclists; Hoge Veluwe National Park is a great place to ride bikes and enjoy the scenic landscape. Visit the Port of Rotterdam: the largest port in Europe, located in the city of Rotterdam and classified as the busiest port in the world;
You can go there, rent a boat and take a tour of the port for only 12 euros.

Dutch food:

1581225573 493 Travel advice to the Netherlands ... for a fun trip - Travel advice to the Netherlands ... for a fun trip before you travelPoffertjes dish The Netherlands is not famous for its food but nevertheless you can find some special foods such as poffertjes dish which are sweet pies and you will find them in all restaurants. And if you want to try fast foods or snacks it starts from 10 euros; The meal will cost you about 15-25 euros for the main course with a drink. There are some people who prefer to cook food themselves, and if you are one of them then you will need your budget to buy what you need from groceries such as: pasta, vegetables, chicken, and other basic foodstuffs and we expect to pay 40 50 € per week. Also read Tourism in Belgium and the Netherlands: two adjacent sisters are more beautiful

Suggested budget:

Expected daily budget: 45-60 € / 46-62 USD (Note: This proposed budget is assuming you are staying in a hostel, eating little food, cooking most meals or eating it in an average-cost restaurant, and trying to reduce transportation use but surely you can reduce This number and you can make it more expensive).

Best time to visit the Netherlands and Amsterdam:

The best time to visit Amsterdam is between April and May or between September and November, and it is best to visit the Netherlands before or after the peak tourism season in order to avoid exaggerated price hikes at that time. But regardless of the time you will visit the Netherlands, you must prepare for a winter vacation and prepare for weather It is cold and rainy even on summer days. Try to book your residence as early as possible, because it is often booked early, especially during summer and holidays.


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