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Your pet might be your best friend, but isn’t he or she your best travel companion? The answer to this question depends on you, as the journey with your pet may be a real nightmare if you do not prepare for it well, and it may be a great experience if you plan well, here is a set of tips that will help you travel with your pet without getting into trouble during a trip Travel:

When packing bags:
Whether you are traveling on a travel trip to a place near or far from your home, you must make sure that you pack all the things your pet might need and put it in a suitcase intended for it, inside the bag put additional packages of your pet’s food, as well as a number of his favorite toys, The little blanket that you are used to and which you will remember at home, do not forget to put a foldable water container in the bag until your pet drinks it when needed so that it does not become dehydrated.

Before traveling, check out the weather forecast for some information about the weather in your travel destination. Animals are greatly affected by sudden climate change. For example, animals with thick fur such as dogs with small fur-thick dogs, you may need a cooling vest in the case of traveling to hot areas , While small animals from small dogs (whose body finds it difficult to cope at different temperatures), you may need to wear a jacket to protect it from the cold weather in air-conditioned cars or in the interior of the plane.

Before your flight:
Be sure to register your pet with the airline that you are dealing with to ensure that travel priority is available to him, as airlines adhere to a limited number of pets that travel on each of their flights, and do not forget to put an identification card on your pet’s box and its collar, and try to The identification card includes the largest possible number of information that helps to communicate with you about the pet when needed, and make sure that this information includes your home address and address at your destination.

In the car:
If you are planning to travel on a long trip using the car, try to make your pet get used to being in the car first, and therefore to accompany him on several trips inside the car to the park near the house and the like, and so that your pet does not feel fatigued while in the car, be careful not to You feed him before taking him into the car, keep the temperature inside the car moderate to avoid your pet being subjected to heat stress in the case of high temperature or cold in the case of low temperature, you can also put additional front items inside the car to protect your pet such as a jacket To protect a saddle-like.

at the Air port:
Make sure to go to the airport well in advance of your flight time, allowing you to walk with your pet outside the waiting hall in order to help calm him and reduce his feeling of tension, avoid giving your pet a lot of light foods before the flight so that he does not feel ill and suffers from stomach pain in what Yet, dogs tend to develop abdominal pain and fatigue during flights, especially if they are used to it.

Inside the plane:
Try not to give your dog sedative or narcotic drugs shortly before the travel trip in order to calm him down, especially if he will travel in a box in the cargo store inside the plane, because sedative or narcotic drugs impede the animal’s body’s ability to cope with the change in temperature around it, if You feel afraid that your pet will feel anxious and tense while in the freight store. You can use a special type soothing collar called “DAP”. The emitting collar for soothing pheromones. DAP is an acronym for Dog Appeasing Pheromones. To anesthetize him.

Inside the hotel:
Make sure that the hotel where you booked is a type of pet-friendly hotel, try to choose a room far from the lifts and places of noise, when you leave the room and inside your pet, leave the TV open until the TV sounds attract the attention of the pet and calm it and reduce its sense of tension And do not forget to leave the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door of the room so that the room service personnel do not enter the room and cause the mistake of scaring the pet, do not forget to allocate a section of the room to your pet, and put the dishes devoted to his food, saliva and his favorite blanket, and this will Promise to adapt to the place faster.

If you travel abroad:
Pet owners, especially cat and dog owners, often go with them on daily excursions to public parks or clubs that offer activities dedicated to pets and in the case of traveling to a foreign country or going to an unfamiliar place you will not be able to find easily the places that you can accompany your pet Therefore, it is advised to search for places that provide activities for pets, and it is okay to conduct a quick search for parks and parks at your destination via the Internet.

One last tip:
Traveling can be a troublesome and stressful experience for some pets, so it is advised to consider the nature of your pet, consider whether your pet feels anxious and afraid when it is near large numbers of strangers and whether it does not bother him too much to stay in the car for long periods Then, plan your trip on this basis to make him feel comfortable while traveling.

Travel advice with your pet - Travel advice with your pet
Travel advice with your pet

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Inside the hotel

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If you travel abroad

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In the car

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When packing bags


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