Travel apps 2017

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We all know that technology and its rapid development, which is moving faster than anything, has contributed tremendously to making everything in our lives much easier than it was before. Traveling is one of those things that has become much easier and thanks to technology. Smart phone applications are our topic today, because choosing the right and appropriate application from among millions of applications may be confusing for you. We chose newly launched travel apps at the beginning of 2017, which after you download them to your phone will never dispense with it when it comes to travel and all These applications are free and suitable for all types of smart phones.

Travel apps 2017

Freebird app

You will not believe how amazing this app is. You can record your flight on this application exactly two days before your departure date and if the reservation is canceled or it is late for your departure for a period of four hours then the application will allow you to book a new ticket on any airline you choose through it and without any delay and at the same time you leave as if you did not Any delay occurs or your reservation is not canceled. This is amazing isn't it!

Travel apps 2017 - Travel apps 2017
Freebird app


As for this amazing application, vegetarians will love it, it is specially designed for them. The application lists a group of vegetarian restaurants that provide the appropriate food for vegetarians in any city you are in. It provides you with information about those restaurants in nearly ten thousand and five hundred cities around the world, including many major countries such as London and New York City and many. It also provides you with a map of how to reach the restaurant and shows you the menu for each restaurant in addition to a short description of each dish in the list and what is formed and what customers think about this dish as customers enter through the application to write their opinions and experiences about food and its dishes. You can also you Do this to benefit others.

Chatnbook application

This fast, wonderful and unique application will save you a lot and a lot of searching on the Internet for the ideal hotel as it will make the hotel you are looking for completely contact you! All you have to do is download the application and then enter your destination, arrival and departure dates and preferences that you want in the hotel you are looking for such as free Wi-Fi for example and all your preferences in the hotel and the application will analyze all your inputs and display a series of hotels with pictures Each hotel, if you do not like the hotel, press the red thumb to continue to the next hotel. If you like it, you will press the green thumb, which means that the hotel liked you and immediately after that, a call will come from that hotel to tell you all the details you want and its best prices.

One: Night app

Are you looking for a hotel to stay for one night only with great discounts and offers? This app is perfect for you. The application every day at three o'clock in the evening reveals discounts and offers this evening in more than a dozen luxury hotels in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and Austin, Texas for everyone looking for overnight hotels there. You can book the hotel you want on the same day that you want to stay and that of course is easy and very fast and will save you a lot of trouble.

1581204419 138 Travel apps 2017 - Travel apps 2017
One: Night app

Roomer app

This amazing app will make you benefit from everything, even from what you think is a loss for you. You can use the application to get very huge discounts on hotel rooms for all who had to cancel their trips and postpone them to another time as discounts start from thirty percent and reach eighty percent. Also, if you had previously paid for a hotel room and canceled your trip, and the amount you paid cannot be refunded, you can sell your reservation on the application and this is something unique and unique as many applications have appeared to sell everything, but even reservations! This is amazing.

1581204419 389 Travel apps 2017 - Travel apps 2017
Roomer app

Every year we are always surprised by its latest applications, but 2017 showed amazing travel applications, which may be the first of its kind, and a boom could occur in the world of travel.

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