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New travel information Tourism to New York, How do you spend your time in New York City unforgettably? And housing in the city for tourists? How to get around in the city? What are the different entertainment? Many tips that you should know before traveling to New York Here are the most important details for Arab travelers.

My trip to New York:

New York City is one of the most famous cities in the United States. Life is modern, characterized by speed, luxury, and the multiplicity of activities that you can do in the city. You may feel that the atmosphere is noisy thanks to the cultural diversity that exists in the city, which is the secret to calling it the “symbol of modern civilization.”
Traveling Tourism to New York is one of the most beautiful things to do in your life, and we will show you some tips that will make it easier for you to plan your travel.

Best accommodations in New York

  • The Manhattan neighborhood is one of the most famous neighborhoods in the middle of the city, as many international Hollywood films have been filmed around it, where you will find the Hudson River for the Bekaa in the city, which is the secret of the desire of many tourism to leave hotels in Manhattan, but in reality it is not Easy as you will find the hotel rates are very high because of the neighborhood’s great popularity, you may have to pay $ 250 per night for a 3-star hotel in Manhattan.
  • If you want to visit New York for tourism, and save some money to spend on your tourist program, it is advisable to go down in the vicinity of the city center, where you will find prices that suit your budget and provide you with much better services.
  • We recommend that you get to Brooklyn, which is within a short distance from the city center, less than a quarter of an hour, and you will be in the city center. You will also find many options regarding staying in Brooklyn. Recently, one of the most wonderful boutique hotels in the world has been added.
  • It is very easy to get off in this neighborhood, which is within walking distance of Al-Arabi Street in New York, which will enable you to enjoy Arabic food, eat halal dishes, and you will also be able to learn more about the stories of these Arabs who have achieved the American dream and stability in America.

Best time to travel: tourism to New York:

  • It is one of the countries that attract tourists especially in the summer, which may make it very crowded and affect your experience in the town in addition to the high temperature and extreme humidity.
  • If you want to have a refreshing and beautiful tourism, visit New York in the spring or fall season, when the atmosphere is very calm and nervous. If you are looking for the most idyllic time to visit the city, visit it in the winter, where you will find snow covering everything in the city, so be sure to wear a coat and anti-rain clothes if you want to take part in the adventure of visiting the city in the winter months.

Transportation in New York

  • All transportation links in the city are excellent between metro, bus, taxi and even rental cars.
  • In order to be able to enjoy your time without spending a lot of money to move from one place to another, be sure to quit the metro or bus mainly, as it will be very saving to extract a metro card that will reduce the price of tickets and enable you to move easily without spending a lot of money.
  • The metro is one of the most luxurious and safe means in the city, while the taxi in New York is expensive, and if you want to move a lot with a private car, it is preferable to rent a car for the independence of the metro, as the car will enable you to move easily and without significant expense, and be sure to obtain an insurance policy On the car to avoid financial losses in the event of any risks.
  • You will find that walking on foot is a great way to reach nearby places and monuments near you, so that you can better explore the city, and most of the streets are very clean and have special places for walking and places for bicycles.
  • If you want to move between the suburbs of cities, the best way is to take the train, which is called Amtrak, which works to connect the city to other cities in the United States. You can also take the ferry if you want to visit the dazzling Staten Island, and it works according to a clear schedule and prices Fixed.

The most beautiful leisure activities in New York:

  • Tourists in New York City want to visit the most important tourist attractions and the most attractive to tourists, which is the Statue of Liberty.
  • Sights in the city are not limited to the Statue of Liberty, but there are many wonderful places such as the Museum of Natural History and the Rockefeller Building in addition to the Empire State Building.
  • Do not forget to visit the Immigration Museum located on Ellis Island and do not walk in Chinatown and around Greenwich Village.
  • It will be very nice to tour the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens as well as Coney Island Park, and you will have a unique experience at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in which you will find many Egyptian mummies in addition to the most beautiful pieces of art from the twentieth century, as you will find more than fifty small museums. Each of them has a specific discipline to discuss, such as a fire and a children’s museum.
  • If you want to see the rarest animals of all time, you have to go through the popular Protex Park which is a nature reserve for many rare species where there are more than 3 thousand animals.
  • You will find that the entrance fees for every tourist attraction in the city are a bit high, and you will need a lot of time in order to stand in the queues extending in front of the ticket windows in order to pay the fees everywhere and get a ticket, which makes the process of visiting the tourist places expensive for time and money more than you can imagine .
  • The best way to overcome this is to buy a card called New York City pass where you can get it easily via the Internet, you will be able to visit all the tourist places in the city at low prices and you will not need to stand in the long lines.
  • You will find that the card saves an average of $ 75, which equates to approximately 50 percent of the value of monuments tickets, only to find that the whole thing will cost you only $ 100.

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