Tourism and travel experiences to Croatia and the most famous and most beautiful places of entertainment in it, Croatia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, and it is an ideal option for those wishing to enjoy the sunlight and learn about the history and culture of this wonderful country, starting from its sunny beaches located on the Dalmatian coast through its cities and towns Cobbled, there are all ways of pleasure between opportunities for recreation and beautiful scenery, and Croatia is located on the Adriatic Sea, which is bordered to the south by it and Montenegro, as it is bordered by Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the east, bordered to the north by Hungary and to the west by Slovenia, and it also Many of the islands and beaches clean beside it includes many public parks, and many attractions, whether museums or castles and ancient architecture.

Your guide to traveling to Croatia – Things to know before traveling to Croatia:

  • Watch out for the sun from warming, drinking too much water and avoiding wandering during the afternoon.
  • Buses are one of the best means of transportation in Croatia, as the country is heavily dependent on the bus system
  • The best travel times are from September to May, when costs are lower.
  • Bring comfortable water shoes that fit the nature of the gravel and rocky coast of Spain, knowing that the coastal areas of Croatia are more vulnerable to earthquakes.
  • The ability to communicate in English, and there are some people in Croatia who speak italyn and German.
  • Trying to conserve money, because in Croatia there are more cases of pickpocketing and theft, bearing in mind that most places there only accept cash transactions, especially restaurants and cafes, so the money must be well preserved.
  • Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying things in Croatia, especially in rural areas during night hours, so it is advisable to wear long clothes and thick socks, and it is advised to bring flies to mosquitoes.

Tourism in Croatia:

  • Zagreb:

It is the capital of Croatia and is one of the best tourist areas there. The Arab Travelers website provides you with information about it, which includes many tourist attractions, where its wonderful buildings are distinguished by its unique architecture, in addition to the presence of many restaurants, museums and markets. His discovery on foot is considered the oldest part of the city, as it includes many restaurants and galleries with its unique nature inspired by the Renaissance, where the tour starts in this city starting with the jellelaska trembling most famous squares in Zagreb and is considered the central square in it A. Take a tour of the historic Capitol Street, visit the Assumption Cathedral and the Dulac Market, which is famous for vegetables and fresh fruits, and finally visit the Museum of Contemporary Art.

  • Lotion:

It is one of the most famous and beautiful islands in Croatia, where it is intended for those seeking recreation and spending the best romantic times, and the island includes many charming natural places, so a trip can be made through ferries on the island to go to the small islands where sandy beaches and picturesque nature.
  • Dubrovnik:

It is one of the most famous cities of Croatia, as it is the main façade for tourists who come to tourism in Croatia. This city is rich in culture and history with many historical places and includes many resorts, picturesque beaches and hotels. Dubrovnik is famous for its jazz and wine festival that is held in September. Tourists always go to see the museums, castles and historical walls that are famous for the city, and to visit the old city, which has many wonderful monuments.

  • Varazdin:

It was previously the capital of Croatia, and includes a number of wonderful monuments that embody the era of the Baroque civilization in the country, where the buildings that were built in the Baroque style and still retain their splendor to the present day, and many Baroque evenings are hosted by churches and theaters during the month of September, in addition to the landscape The old castle in Varazdin.

  • Biograd:

This city which embraces many marine vessels, and is considered one of the cities suitable for fans of horseback riding, in addition to the presence of many of the most luxurious restaurants that offer a lot of international and local delicacies, and this city is famous for home cakes.

  • Split:

It is located on the Dalal Alsal, and the city is famous for its exciting activities, where the Split Film Festival is held in September, this festival is held to show the artistic creations of modern, unconventional cinema artists, and the city includes many prominent landmarks such as Diocletian’s Palace, which is characterized by its bright walls, dating back to the history of this The palace of the Romen Emperor Diocletian III, and the architecture of the palace is still lofty to the present day, and there are many restaurants, cafes and bars inside the palace.

  • Istria:

It is considered one of the largest islands overlooking the Adriatic Sea, this city is famous for black and white truffles in the world, and this city witnesses every year in the month of October a festival dedicated to delicious truffles, and most of the festival activities are based in the village of Livad, where truffles are available at cheap prices compared to anywhere else. Istria is famous for its historic old town, where there are many local foods and shops, as well as the Kamnjak National Park, which in November turns into a colorful rainbow painting.

  • Punat:

It is located on the island of Krk, and this island witnesses during the month of October the harvest of agricultural crops, such as the olive harvest with all its products, as tourists go to explore the Church of St. Peter.



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