Travel experts’ advice for a low-cost vacation

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Many people want to have low cost flights so that they can visit the largest number of destinations in one year.

This is what drives them to search the Internet for the best prices that suit the specific budget and that cannot be departed from for some people.

And HolidayMe experts have provided many tips that may help many on their travels:

Choose a holiday package

If you think that booking and setting your destination separately gives you more flexible and cheaper options, you should think again. Usually the cost of separate bookings is much more than the cost of package offers, and as for flexibility, many of the reservation sites today are organizing your entire trip to you according to your request, ensuring a package that suits your desires.

Be flexible

To get a flight at low costs you must be more flexible in your time of travel – such as choosing a time after the summer vacation as hotels and airlines reduce their costs.

Avoid currency exchange at airports

Switch your currency ahead of time and try hard to exchange it when the exchange rate is low to ensure that you do not lose out on its value. There are many reliable websites that publish currency exchange rates at the best rates.

Eat your own food

Despite the importance of the local food experience for the destination country, it is advisable to take some special food to avoid wasting money on food. You can keep some cookies and biscuits in your bag. As for when you go to a restaurant, be sure to choose meals at fixed prices or order a meal today that is usually cheaper than other meals.

Buy travel necessities at the supermarket

Make sure to buy travel necessities from your city. Be prepared to pay double the amounts when purchasing an electric charger, eye mask, or travel pillow from the airport.

Get a credit card in the currency of the destination

This credit card saves you from the hassle and problems of buying outside the country, as the dollar or euro credit card makes it easy for you to purchase without any additional cost.

Plan your trip yourself

While it is a good idea to choose and sign up for an organized trip through travel websites, you do not necessarily need to follow this program for the duration of your trip. For example, you can easily locate your tour and reduce the cost of your trip in the known places with bus stops available.

Search the sites for hotels and flights well

Before making your reservation, travel experts advise you to browse the largest number of sites offering travel offers instead of adopting only one site so that you are familiar with all the offers available.

Traveling after midnight

This is a good option for young travelers with an enthusiastic spirit as they can choose to travel to their trip by train or bus during the night, and in this way they can save the hotel expenses.

Use the privileges of students, ages and members

All countries offer student discounts in addition to options for the elderly in many facilities such as the metro, bus, meals, drinks and others. Do not forget to carry your ID to take advantage of all these benefits.

Buy a local phone line

It is better to buy a local phone line to avoid the high costs of international calls, since you can make calls and benefit from graphic services.

Subscribe to get discounts on local sites

When selecting your destination, check out local locations such as Groupon that offers offers and coupons for meals, clubs, shopping malls and spa. By doing this, you can get an idea of ​​how cheap or expensive prices are in the destination country, in addition to getting some great discounts.

Be an easy traveler

Walk then walk. Not only is walking the best way to discover the city, but it also helps reduce your travel costs. If the city is not suitable for walking, you can choose the metro or bus, which is a reasonable and good option.

Airport tax refund policy

At the airports there is a section for tourists who can recover the tax they paid for their expenses in the foreign country. Keep your shopping and food bills to recover tax at the airport before returning to your country.

Enjoy your vacation

It’s the perfect way to have a luxurious and enjoyable vacation without having to worry about paying huge costs and costs.

Travel experts advice for a low cost vacation - Travel experts' advice for a low-cost vacation
Travel experts’ advice for a low-cost vacation


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