Travel guide to the Czech Republic

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Located in the middle of Europe, the Czech Republic is a symbol of civilization and history. Castles, ancient ruins, and historic cities are scattered all over the country. Many tourists visit it every year, especially the famous capital Prague. If you leave the capital, go on a tour that includes green spaces and vast lands. You will enjoy the wonderful beauty of the Czech Republic, while reducing your expenses.

Travel guide to the Czech Republic


Traveling to the Czech Republic does not depart from the costs of accommodation and what distinguishes it. The cost per night is up to one hundred seventy five Czech koruns in small cities, and four hundred Czech crowns in the capital, Prague. All hotels and hostels enjoy a free wireless network and a private kitchen to cook your favorite food. The cost of a double room ranges from five hundred to seven hundred CZK per night The one. The price changes depending on the region or city, as prices rise a lot in Prague. If you intend to rent an apartment or house, expect a very high price. Where you start from one thousand five hundred Czech korun. But if you intend to sleep in your own tent, there are a large number of camping sites, which are spread all over the country.

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the food

Czech dishes are delicious. And you can have a meal in one of the cheap restaurants, for one hundred and twenty Czech koruns. The cost of a single meal is at a medium-priced restaurant, to three hundred Czech koruns. If you want to eat a fast food, such as McDonald’s, it costs up to one hundred and thirty Czech korun. Seek savings, so head to local food. You can have a quick meal at one of the kebab stalls, which fill the streets. The cost will be less than one hundred and twenty kroner. But if you intend to cook your own food, the cost of groceries will range from one thousand to one thousand two hundred korun.

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Travel to the Czech Republic must include ways to travel. So as not to feel confused, anxious, and enjoy an enjoyable tourist trip. Most cities have tram lines that roam the streets, dating back to the Communist period. Prague includes an underground train, which has three lines, is spread throughout the city, and is easy to use. The cost of the return or return ticket, which can be used for thirty minutes, is twenty-four Korons. The ticket, which is used for a period of up to ninety minutes, costs thirty-two Korons. The ticket costs twenty-four hours; one hundred and ten koron.

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One-day budget

If you intend to travel to the Czech Republic soon, we show you an approximate budget, showing you the cost per day in this high-cost country. The cost per day in the Czech Republic ranges from one thousand twenty-five korun to one thousand two hundred and fifty korun. That’s about thirty-nine to fifty dollars. This budget includes low-cost accommodations, and eating specific, inexpensive meals.1581202760 643 دليل السفر إلى التشيك - Travel guide to the Czech Republic


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