Travel tips for sleeping during long travel trips

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Some trips require long travel times, especially in remote destinations such as the Pacific Islands and some Asian destinations.

But sleeping during long travel trips is an absolute necessity for the body to have some rest, to gain vitality, and to restore activity, especially if the trip includes official working hours upon arrival or an entertaining tourist program.

Many people find it difficult to surrender to sleep during long travel hours, but by following these simple tips you will be able to get some necessary rest during the trip.

Choose first class or business class

Depending on your ability to travel, experts advise you to choose your seat on the plane in First Class, Business Class or Premium Class, as comfortable seats are available with suitable sleeping positions suitable for those who have difficulty sleeping on Economy Class seats.

Seat selection in a quiet place on the plane

Many choose their seats at the front of the plane, but this area is always the choice of mothers and their infants because of their proximity to changing tables and diapers, and the region will not be calm with the constant movement of flight attendants at tables of drinks and food.

For this reason, long-travel experts choose a seat at the end of the plane, where it is possible to indulge in a quiet sleep, especially if the seat is next to the window.

Choose comfortable clothes

It is preferable to choose comfortable and not tight clothes when traveling on long trips, because of the feeling of comfort needed to indulge in a nap, which is hampered by tight clothes, especially with air pressure and poor blood flow.

Seat position selection

Experts advise choosing the position of the seat in Economy Class to be leaning backward at an angle of 135 degrees, this position is best for relaxing the back and surrender to sleep.

Prepare sleep tools

Travel pillow has a neck pillow to help rest with a head rest on it, and you should not forget about the opaque eye mask to reduce the light from plane cabins or windows, as well as earplugs to reduce noise, and if you are cold while sleeping, you should bring a small blanket with you.

Listening to music

If you can sleep while listening to music, prepare your favorite music on the music player, and place the earphones to immerse while sleeping away from the noise of the plane.

Avoid caffeine

Before heading to the airport, many people simply choose to have coffee, but if you plan to sleep on the plane this step should be missed and replaced with a herbal drink.

Avoid stress before the trip

You should avoid sources of extreme tension, such as delaying arrival at the airport, arranging bags late, or staying up late before traveling. All these factors make you reach your seat in a psychological state that does not allow you to sleep easily.

Avoid being woken up

Wearing a seat belt during your sleep to avoid being awakened by the flight attendant in the air bumps, you can also ask that you not wake you up and eat your food later.

Finally, to avoid the hassle of changing the timing of time upon arrival, you must try to sleep in the timing of your tourist destination a few days before traveling on a daily basis, in order for your biological watch to adapt to your destination quickly so that you can start your tourism program with vitality and vigor.

Travel tips for sleeping during long travel trips - Travel tips for sleeping during long travel trips
Sleep mask and neck pillow

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Change the seat position to help sleep

1581287773 138 Travel tips for sleeping during long travel trips - Travel tips for sleeping during long travel trips
Listening to music helps sleep

1581287773 963 Travel tips for sleeping during long travel trips - Travel tips for sleeping during long travel trips
Choosing the first class helps to sleep on long trips


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