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The United States of America is a dream that many young people in all countries of the world wish to visit, reside and work, because of its modernity and modernity, great opportunities and the development of science and technology, and also attract tourists from all over the world to the diversity of its natural ingredients and the spread of tourist and leisure attractions in a large number of its cities, And if you are a fan of tourism in America, then this article will definitely help you to enjoy a pleasant trip because it will introduce you to the most important travel advice to America.

Travel Tips to America

Preparations to travel to America

One of the most important tips for traveling to America during the period of preparations for the trip and your arrival at the airport; make sure of the papers that are with you and do not try to carry the documents of another person with you even if it is your wife because this is a crime, and you must also write the name of the hotel and the address of a sheet to present it upon request from you at Airport until you get an i-94 paper and keep it for delivery on departure. If you carry any type of food even if it is coffee or dates, be sure to write an expiration date on it, and try to put it in a bag separate from your luggage, because you will be asked about the contents Your bags of money and seeds, and eat through a blue paper if it is Egg If yes, he will ask you to open the bags, and beware of lying, because the airport devices are accurate, and if they discover your lies, you will face many problems, and stay away from carrying university degrees or news certificates when traveling with a tourist visa to America.Travel Tips to America .. Contemporary World Dreams and Cultures - Travel Tips to America .. Contemporary World Dreams and CulturesTravel Preparations for America – Travel Tips for America Travel in Las Vegas .. Your comprehensive guide to spending the best vacation in Las Vegas

Financial dealings in America

Be well aware that most services in the United States of America, including hotels and car rentals, require a credit card “credit card” as a prerequisite for conducting the transaction, and therefore one of the most important travel advice to America; you must carry a credit card registered with the name with the same pronunciation found in the passport, because A large number of shops match the credit card with the passport, and it is better to carry it with “cash” money, not exceeding $ 300.

Navigate in America

It is preferable to rent a car and use it on your travels in the United States of America and do not forget to ask for a car insurance policy against the risks of theft or accidents in the event that something happens to you in order not to spoil your trip, as public transportation in America is good but it did not reach the quality of the Union’s transportation network European, you can also use the subway and trains, according to your own budget.

The weather in America

The weather varies from one state to another. Each one has its own geographical nature, its own climate, and the nature of its population. However, it can be said that the weather in the United States is moderate in most states, especially the central states, and in the southern states it tends to be warm, hot, and cooler in the northern states, especially in the winter.1581224881 859 Travel Tips to America .. Contemporary World Dreams and Cultures - Travel Tips to America .. Contemporary World Dreams and CulturesAmerica Weather – Travel Tips for America

Communication in America

The official language of the United States of America is the English language, which is the second language of most countries of the Arab world, and the American people are friendly and welcome visitors, except that you must take into account their culture in order not to be exposed to problems, from travel advice to America, stay away from kissing children or looking at them so that they are not suspected As one of the kidnappers of children, especially since it is widespread there, do not hold the hand of your companion on the trip because it is considered one of the bad habits there. You must be careful when signing any paper so do not sign from the principle of trust and ask for minutes until you are able to read the file you want to sign, because you are responsible for your signature Do not tell Trafalgar B for Orark personal and your affairs.1581224881 282 Travel Tips to America .. Contemporary World Dreams and Cultures - Travel Tips to America .. Contemporary World Dreams and CulturesCommunicating in America – Travel Tips to America

Clothes in America

Do not cost in your clothes when going to the United States of America and wear sportswear as you wish everything that matters is to wear what comfort you far from being overrated in fashion which is something that you will notice since you arrived at the airport, and from the point of traveling to America; stay away from carrying precious luggage such as gold and studded watches Diamonds, even if they are for decoration, because an invoice for your items may be requested at the airport and may be forfeited.

General advice when traveling to America

Your use of the Internet is very important when traveling to the United States of America because you use it to book hotels, travel tickets and cars, as you can order food through it, it is much easier than traditional means, and the internet in America is cheaper than Arab countries, and for restaurants, they are often fast-food self-service restaurants Meaning that you are responsible for receiving the order and throwing the remains in the trash. Read also: The most beautiful city of Illinois .. From the authentic American countryside

The most beautiful tourist cities in America

America meets the desires of many individuals who seek recreation, rest, or a noisy life. One of the travel advice to America is to not miss a visit to the following 9 cities and find out the reason. If you are a fan of recreation and beaches, head to the shores of the wonderful city of Miami, where it is called the city of magic and beauty. The most crowded “New York” is suitable for a noisy nightlife, while Orlando includes the most famous entertainment places in America, as well as San Diego, California; one of the largest parks in the state, Balboa Park, as well as other tourist attractions. You must visit Washington, where the Lincoln Memorial and the White House are located, along with many museums, cultural sites, and parks. If you are a fan of Victorian style and mountain nature, you should visit San Francisco, and do not miss the city of Chicago, one of its most important features is the Millennium Park. Contemporary skyscrapers can be found in Philadelphia. Los Angeles is one of the most famous American cities in terms of high-end hotels and restaurants.1581224881 988 Travel Tips to America .. Contemporary World Dreams and Cultures - Travel Tips to America .. Contemporary World Dreams and CulturesThe most beautiful tourist cities in America – Travel Tips to America TRAVEL TO United States of America Read also: Your comprehensive guide to Los Angeles tourism

Entertainment in America

You must know that the international visa is valid for 3 months, which is an appropriate time to get acquainted with most of the tourist and leisure attractions in the United States of America, in New York you will find international trade towers and the United Nations building and the Statue of Liberty and Time Square, and the shops and huge screens alongside the largest park in the world. Park. ”As for Los Angeles, you will find Pacific coasts including Malibu, Santa Monica, Universal Studio, Hollywood Film City, and the area that is famous for Beverly Hills, in addition to the famous Disneyland, and if you love shopping You will not find any better than Rodeo Drive. In San Francisco you will find the Golden Gate Bridge and Down Town, and you can shop at “Union Square”, the tourist shrine on the island of Alcatraz Island, Pier 39, Chinatown and the Twins Peaks that enable you to narrate the entire city, and Fisherman Street The most famous wharf amongst the tourist streets. As for the capital Washington, the White House and the Egyptian Obelisk are close to it, museums, places for families Reston and Harper, and the George Town neighborhood through which the river separating the states of Washington, Virginia, passes, along with the Yosemite National Park Nature Reserve, where the bear is located. Black elk The famous Livorni, which falls snow in the winter, is located on the eastern border of California and is 6 hours from Los Angeles, and 4 hours from San Francisco, a medical clinic, hotels, restaurants and other services are available in the reserve, because it is open to the public throughout the year and is also Suitable for camping and excursions with waterfalls and rivers. The state of California has the largest parks in the world which are San Diego for animals, along with dolphins display in SeaWorld and water games, Redwood Fir and Mojave Desert, and shopping malls. Among the most famous places in America that you should visit are the islands of H And Levi located on the Pacific coast, is famous for its calm and beauty of nature in it. The Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, in addition to Oregon and contains the waterfalls of Oma’s Melton, Lake Oswego and the Columbia River District.1581224881 757 Travel Tips to America .. Contemporary World Dreams and Cultures - Travel Tips to America .. Contemporary World Dreams and CulturesEntertainment in America – TRAVEL TO UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


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