Travel Tips to Barcelona .. Learn tips for an unforgettable visit!

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You will definitely need to know the travel advice to Barcelona, ​​as Barcelona is one of the most famous tourist cities, and this is definitely for a good reason. Barcelona has many charming beaches and unique historical architecture, and here we show you some travel advice to Barcelona to help you plan your next trip until you get to Enjoy your time in this city.

Travel advice to Barcelona:

Good time to visit Barcelona:

نصائح السفر إلى برشلونة .. تعرف على النصائح لزيارة لا - Travel Tips to Barcelona .. Learn tips for an unforgettable visit!Travel Tips to Barcelona One of the most important travel tips to Barcelona that you must take into account is the appropriate months to visit the city so that the weather does not disturb your journey, the most common time to visit Barcelona is the summer, but this means there are millions of visitors in addition to the free heat, but the weather is very appropriate To visit the beaches, the winter is characterized by a moderate temperature, but there are fewer visitors than in the summer, and in the late spring and early fall the weather is beautiful but with less crowds than the summer, so these are the best times to visit Barcelona. Read also: Travel Tips to Madrid. .

Touring Barcelona:

Barcelona has an excellent transportation network and most people use the metro (the subway) to travel for long distances, but nevertheless, most people prefer walking but air conditioners entice people to ride the metro in the summer. And you can find there tickets for tourists and they guarantee you free unlimited public transport, including Taking you to and from the airport, entering some museums and other benefits. This card will guarantee you about € 34, and a taxi from the airport to the city will cost you about € 25- € 35.

Residence in Barcelona:

1581224887 333 نصائح السفر إلى برشلونة .. تعرف على النصائح لزيارة لا - Travel Tips to Barcelona .. Learn tips for an unforgettable visit!Travel Tips to BarcelonaThe good news is that Barcelona enjoys a large number of cheap hotels and offers you a treatment and a place to stay in excellent quality, however the prices of these hotels increase in the summer because of the influx of visitors to these hotels and therefore you have to book a room for you at the earliest opportunity. This site to search for your suitable hotel and budget at HostelWorld Read also: Barcelona’s attractions and best day trips

Food and Drink in Barcelona:

In Barcelona you can find many menus that suit all budgets. In fact, Barcelona has the largest number of restaurants throughout Europe, but unfortunately most of them are not of the required quality, especially restaurants that are near tourist attractions. Barcelona is famous for serving tapas, a dish Small with fried squid, olives or cheese and it is one of the snacks that you will find in all menus there. Do not forget that lunch there is the largest meal of the day and that people there do not eat dinner before 10 o’clock.

Avoid crowds:

1581224887 902 نصائح السفر إلى برشلونة .. تعرف على النصائح لزيارة لا - Travel Tips to Barcelona .. Learn tips for an unforgettable visit!Travel Tips to BarcelonaIf you want to enjoy Barcelona for yourself then you will definitely need to get away from the crowds and head to the less crowded places, such as the Barcelona region of El Poblenou and visit its picturesque beaches, which have been without crowds most of the time, or you can go to Montjuic – Montjuic, a mountain that has not received a month Spacious but nonetheless it is a good option to get away from the usual Barcelona crowd.

Your safety first! :

If I read some reports of theft in Barcelona, ​​you will find that every tourist who goes to Barcelona as soon as he leaves the airport will be automatically stolen. Do not appear as a tourist and do not attract attention to you by photographing places a lot, especially while you are in the crowd. It is not desirable to put all your important things in your backpack and do not put a bag on the floor if you are sitting in a restaurant. Read also: Shopping in Barcelona .. Shopping Different taste!

Don’t forget to visit La Boqueria Market – La Boqueria! :

One of the favorite parts of Barcelona is this wonderful market, in which you can find everything you need from vegetables and fruits to seafood and all their products are fresh. For more information about the market: Shopping in Barcelona .. Shop different taste!

Choose the appropriate neighborhood to live in:

1581224887 594 نصائح السفر إلى برشلونة .. تعرف على النصائح لزيارة لا - Travel Tips to Barcelona .. Learn tips for an unforgettable visit!Travel Tips to Barcelona In Barcelona there are some neighborhoods that are safer than others, especially at night, which are the areas that have a small number of tourists, and this is due to the thieves concentrating in these places in order to take advantage of the ignorance of tourists about the neighborhoods and everything! And the least secure is the Gothic Quarter; but this does not mean that you should not go to the Gothic Quarter, in fact the Gothic Quarter is one of the most famous vibrant neighborhoods of nightlife in Barcelona in addition to the many restaurants that you will find there but if you want to stay there then you will need your intelligence to keep yourself And property K or travel with friends. Also read: Barcelona’s Cheap Markets … Cheap Goods of Quality!

Some helpful tips for you in Barcelona:

There are many museums that are free on Sundays from 8:00 pm. The Catalan language is the official language in Barcelona and everyone also speaks the Spanish language and certainly you will need some vocabulary to use it in order to facilitate the trip. You often find attractions attractive to the crowded with a queue Tourists line up to get an entrance ticket so it is best to book your ticket in advance and advise that you book it online so as not to bother going in the midst of crowding. Walking is the best way to explore the city. Pay attention to thieves around you, they are everywhere! Online Magazine I am in the streets of Barcelona not difficult, you can find Wi-Fi in the metro and even the streets. Avoid eating at any restaurant in Las Ramblas because you will pay a lot for the food that is not worth. Do you want to go see a match for Barcelona but you cannot find tickets? You should go to Many restaurants are closed from 2-4 pm and do not open again until 8 pm.


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