Travel Tips to Madrid … Things You Should Do When You Visit Madrid!

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You will definitely need some travel advice to Madrid, if you are there with the intention of studying, working or even for tourism, as Madrid is the third largest city in the European Union, and it is the most famous tourist city in Spain in addition to being the seventh in the most visited places in the world.

Therefore, the Arab Travelers website will give you a tour of this wonderful city:

Travel advice to Madrid:

Your stay in Madrid:

Travel Tips to Madrid ... Things You Should Do When - Travel Tips to Madrid ... Things You Should Do When You Visit Madrid!Travel Tips to Madrid The city of Madrid is full of accommodations, especially hotels that suit tourists, where you can find in every region at least one hotel and each hotel has a special budget, but if you are a tourist, it is better to stay in the middle until you have a full dose of pleasure in Madrid! Recommendations for choosing the suitable place of residence for you: Hostel: located in the city center, but tucked into the quiet side streets, which is the Living Cat’s Hostel, which is one of the most famous accommodations in Madrid. The most important characteristic is the friendly staff. To a standard room we advise you to visit a hotel Hostael Jaen is also located in the city center and the price of one night starts at 35 € and includes free Wi-Fi. Better hostel: If you want to spend a tourist holiday and you are not worried about the budget a lot you will find Artistic B&B where the rooms start per night with 55 € and it includes Wi Fi, breakfast, coffee or tea at any time, it is a charming place to stay. The best hostel: Urban Hotel Madrid is the place to stay as the relatively large budget was not a problem and the hotel features a beautiful design, facilities include gym and steam room in addition to the availability of three Various restaurants. Attention: Click on the accommodation links to book them on the website Pooking also read: Tourist sites in Madrid … a tourist tour in the capital of the Kingdom of Spain!

Traveling in Madrid:

1581224818 932 Travel Tips to Madrid ... Things You Should Do When - Travel Tips to Madrid ... Things You Should Do When You Visit Madrid!Things you must do when you visit Madrid One of the most important travel tips to Madrid is to know how to move between the streets and neighborhoods of Madrid, and you can find fast and safe transportation, where you can find 170 buses and 13 lines for the metro and for tickets you can get them in every Metro and bus stations. The most important thing about these buses is the presence of child seats with appropriate seat belts. In addition, you can find double-decker buses that take you through 3 stations to the beautiful Madrid roads and the most famous tourist and monuments. You can find a large number of buses at the airport, but it is always congested. This is due to the presence of one airport in Madrid, Barajas Airport, but there are proposals to establish another airport to reduce congestion.

Safety in Madrid:

Like all European cities, you can find robbery crimes that happen especially with tourists and for your journey to pass safely. Some tips should be followed: try to hide that you are a tourist: most thieves if they feel you are alien to them and discover that you are a tourist will take advantage of this by trying to deceive you in all ways which is what you do not want Of course! Don’t put your precious and important holdings in the back bag: Since Madrid is one of the most visited cities, the streets will definitely be very crowded which makes it easier for the thief to do his job! Keep the list of important numbers: You should keep the phone numbers of local clinics and the police station in a sheet that is With you every step. Read also: Al-Seia Live in Madrid for kids… 6 best places for children to enjoy in Madrid

Best time to visit Madrid:

In order to complete your trip, you must choose the appropriate month to travel, and this is definitely one of the most important travel tips to Madrid. September and October are among the great months to visit Madrid, and April and May are mostly very beautiful months, but the winter months in Madrid are very cold, but nevertheless you can To find some sunny days, but I do not like the idea of ​​visiting Madrid in the summer because of the difficult weather.

What are you doing there :

1581224818 244 Travel Tips to Madrid ... Things You Should Do When - Travel Tips to Madrid ... Things You Should Do When You Visit Madrid!Madrid is one of the best things that you should do is to walk around this charming city where you will find many shops that allow walking, in addition to restaurants and cafes that you will find in every region in Madrid and away from the delicious food served, but you will enjoy sitting and watching people and getting closer to life Madrid! If you are a fan of history, you can visit historical places, which you will not imagine still exist, and the most important of them is the Royal Palace of Madrid, which is located in the center of the Spanish capital and attracts many tourists. But if you are a football fan and a Real Madrid fan, then you should definitely Stud taking a tour bus in the open air to Real Madrid.aqro Stadium also: cheap markets in Madrid … you can get good goods at cheap prices

Shopping in Madrid:

If you want to buy food then the most suitable place for you in terms of quality and fun is the Mercado de la Paz market which is located in the city of Salamanca and you can find many sea restaurants located in and near the market. And if you want to buy some clothes that are designed by Spanish designers You have to stay in the city of Salamanca, where you find many shops located in the side streets, the most important thing is to bring a travel bag with you until nine of the new clothes!

Madrid food:

The Spanish food served there is definitely very tasty and you can find many restaurants in all the streets and neighborhoods of Madrid, but since you are a tourist and do not know much about these dishes, you must explain this to the waiter in the restaurant in order to provide you with the most famous foods delicious! It is a guliac soup and we definitely recommend you to try this delicious dish.

It’s okay to have some Spanish words! :

When you visit any country, you will definitely want to get some basic words or even you can tell the waiter that a tourist does not know the usual Spanish menu! If you do not have the patience to learn the language in traditional ways, we advise you to try Duolingo application which will make you master the most important Spanish vocabulary in the least time It is possible.

Cost of accommodation for a week in Madrid:

If your budget is average and you are a tourist, then you will need about 103 euros (121 dollars), which is the average price for tourism in Madrid, and the average price of food in one of the mid-range restaurants is 25 € (29 $) and the average hotel price for a couple will be 117 € (139 $). We recommend that you visit this site to help you easily plan your travel budget


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