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Obtaining a travel visa

Traveling to Brunei requires obtaining the appropriate travel visa. Before planning to travel to any destination in the world, you must make sure all matters related to health, passports, and travel visas are in effect. Travel to Brunei can be done with the help of tourist transport, represented by Brunei airports, and Royal Brunei Airlines .

Tourist attractions in Brunei

There are many tourism potentials in Brunei, including the following:

  • Green tropical forests.
  • Variety of animals and plants.
  • A group of riches of cultural heritage.
  • National parks full of wildlife.
  • Historic sites, royal palaces, cultural centers, and oil reserves.

Sightseeing in Brunei

There are many places that a traveler can visit in Brunei:

  • Brunei Museums: Museums are considered a cultural treasure, and one of the most famous museums is the Royal Brunei Museum located along the Brunei River.
  • Brunei theaters: The theater is used to host cultural performances, and there are two theaters in the country’s capital for showing Chinese, Malay and English folk movies, and it is worth saying that the country’s theaters are few in number, but they offer interesting entertainment.
  • Mosques of Brunei: The Islamic religion is the official religion in the country, and the most famous mosques are the Sultan Hajj Hassan Al Balqiyya Silver Mosque and the Omar Ali Saif Al Din Mosque, and the mosques are distinguished for their stunning architecture.
  • Brunei Monuments: There are many monuments scattered in the country, and these reflect the rich cultural heritage of the country.
  • The capital of the island of Borneo: there is the port of Bandar Seri Begawan, the most magnificent mosques in Southeast Asian countries, and a sprawling floating village on the Brunei River, and therefore the capital is the dream of every traveler; it is possible to wander around its small centers, and take pictures from the capital’s waterfront.

Facts about Brunei

There are many facts to know before traveling to Brunei, and they are as follows:

  • The name Brunei means the home and residence of peace, and it is a valid designation given the good standard of living enjoyed by the country, and the average human lifetime is 77.7 years.
  • The country was able to obtain the highest rank in the human development index, in the year 2015 AD, when the total development reached 31 in the development index, compared to other countries in the southeast of Asia, and Singapore.
  • The Islamic state is considered the most respected in the southeastern part of the continent of Asia, where there are many beautiful mosques, and travelers are welcome inside the mosques even outside the prayer times.
  • Brunei citizens receive free education and government medical services.
  • It is one of the highest rates of obesity in the southeast Asian part, and it is estimated that 20% of school children suffer from obesity.
  • The percentage of those who know how to read and write is 92.7%.
  • The problem of homosexuality is punished by stoning to death, based on the Brunei law promulgated in 2014.
  • Beating with a stick is considered the means used to punish crimes.
  • Selling alcoholic drinks is illegal in the country.
  • The country has the highest rates of car ownership countries in the world, with two people each owning one car.


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