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Kerala State is an Indian tropical state located in southern India, and Vantantapuram is its capital, and the state is inhabited by more than 32 million people, most of whom speak the English language besides the native language, which is Malayalam, while the state religion varies, so it is the population of those who convert to Islam and others Christianity or Buddhism.

The state is characterized by its picturesque nature, as it contains many dense tropical forests, many rivers, ancient historical monuments, and churches, in addition to its warm tropical climate throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from 22 to 35 degrees Celsius, which made it attract large numbers of tourists to it annually .

Travel to Kerala

Traveling to this state is considered a requirement for every person who loves the natural scenery and wants to relax from the troublesome matters of life, as it is a place that many travel to for physical therapy, which made it receive large numbers of travelers to it for the purpose of tourism or treatment, which increased the Indian economic income.

There are three main airports in Kerala that receive travelers from all over the world, which are Kerala Airport, Kerala International Airport, and Kerala State Airport.

The most beautiful places in Kerala

  • Munnar: The city is characterized by green nature amidst the mountains with thick fog, in addition to the presence of many wonderful waterfalls and streams and tea plantations, in which all landscapes meet.
  • Cherai Beach: It is a beach with beautiful white sand in which coconut trees abound, and it provides the visitor with fishing nets that enable him to catch various fish from the sea. A large number of Arabs visit the beach annually.
  • Kovalam Beach: The beach is classified as the most beautiful in Kerala, as it has calm, clear waters, white sand, palm trees, and coconuts, and it is one of the beaches that have prominent rocks, which helps visitors in swimming with ease without hesitation and fear of drowning.
  • Kirova Island: It is a green island, where it has 950 acres of evergreen forests, and it has a group of orchards where fruits and herbs are grown, so the traveler goes to them to relax and enjoy those vegetables, as he enjoys watching a group of rare and beautiful birds.
  • Periyar National Park: It is a large reserve in which it was officially recognized in 1978 AD, and hunting is prohibited for good in it. Squirrels, and bears, in addition to the presence of numbers of reptiles and birds.

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